Iraq’s Cosmetic Election

by Daniel Pipes March 9, 2010 Cross-posted from National Review Online “It takes a cynical mind not to share in the achievement of Iraq’s national elections.” So writes the Wall Street Journal editorial board today. I’m no cynic, but my mood about Iraq could variously be described as depressed, despairing, despondent, dejected, pessimistic, melancholic, and […]

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36 States Fight Obama’s Socialized Healthcare

States have an extensive and complicated shared power relationship with the federal government in regulating various aspects of the health insurance market and in enacting health reforms. As part of state-based responses to federal health reform legislation, individual members of at least 36 state legislatures are using the legislative process to seek to limit, alter […]

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U.S. lawmakers launch push to repeal NAFTA

By Doug Palmer WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A small group of U.S. lawmakers unveiled legislation on Thursday to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement in the latest sign of congressional disillusionment with free-trade deals. The bill spearheaded by Rep. Gene Taylor, a Mississippi Democrat, would require President Barack Obama to give Mexico and Canada […]

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STATE-WIDE TAXPAYERS REVOLT UNDERWAY! GOLDEN STATE GRINGOS LAST GULP! Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.- thelastcrusade Immigration limitation activists have initiated a statewide petition drive to get the California Taxpayer Protection Act on the ballot. If passed, the measure will serve to eliminate the lure of birth tourism and to limit the financial, social, and vocational benefits […]

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Israel Apartheid Week Comes to Town

The insidious analogy returns to college campuses as part of the campaign to delegitimize Israel. The false analogy between apartheid South Africa and Israel – particularly since the UN’s racist 2001 Durban Conference – has played a key role in the campaign to delegitimize Israel and threaten its existence. The strategy of boycotts, divestment and […]

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