Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies: Our Rights Are Non-Negotiable

Thousands of Americans are gathering today at 160 locations across the United States to peacefully protest the federal government’s coercive trampling on religious liberty through the Health and Human Services (HHS) anti-conscience mandate. Today’s Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies are a continuance of the events held on March 23 in front of capitols, historic […]

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Turkey Seeks to Set an Example in Somalia

Without a government for over two decades, Somalia is the model of a failed state. It is torn apart by civil war and plagued by terrorism, among numerous maladies, and there are few countries willing send government personnel to Somalia. Yet, last November, Turkey reopened its embassy there and is eager to expand its influence […]

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The Conflict As Seen by German Media

The Conflict As Seen by German Media June 7, 2012 12:50 by GuestPost In the wake of newly elected German President Joachim Gauck’s visit to Israel, this guest article was written exclusively for HonestReporting by Ulrich Sahm. Son of a well-known diplomat, Sahm was born in Bonn, Germany and grew up in London, Paris, Moscow […]

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The Hot Dog Mayor of New York City

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the nation’s most notorious diet dictator, has been outed as a hot dog man (the ingredients of which include: Beef, Water, Salt, Sorbitol, Sodium Lactate, Hydrolyzed Soy, Corn Gluten Protein and Wheat Gluten Protein, Paprika, Natural Flavorings, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite). As noted by Slate, […]

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When Will the President Reveal a Secret Deal with the Russians?

Congressman Mike Turner (R–OH) recently released a video asking what secret deal with the Russian Federation President Obama had in mind when he told Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” after the election. Turner’s efforts are warranted, because the American people place a fundamental trust in the President to do […]

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Join Protest of the Chicago Caliphate Conference by Extremist Radical Islamist Group Hizb ut-Tahrir

by Ryan Mauro An Islamic extremist group called Hizb ut-Tahrir that opposes democracy and supports violent jihad, including the killing of U.S. soldiers, is coming to Rolling Meadows, Illinois on June 17. The conference, titled “Revolution: Liberation by Revelation–Muslims Marching Toward Victory” is about how Muslims must help resurrect the Caliphate and institute Sharia-based governance. […]

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Obama’s Air-Sea Blockade Plan for Iran Delays Israeli Strike

US President Barack Obama has again persuaded Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to hold off attacking Iran’s nuclear program in the coming months by promising a new set of severe sanctions against Iran. US administration officials assured debkafile’s Washington sources that Israel’s leaders were won over by the Obama administration’s promise to ratchet up US […]

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Israel to Unveil World’s Smallest Missile

Israel’s Rafael Defense Systems will unveil the world’s smallest military missile at the annual Eurosatory “Land and Airland Defense and Security” exhibition in Paris next week, Israel Defense reports. The Mini-Spike electro-optic guided missile is the first missile to implement an anti-personnel precision attack missile. It has range of approximately three quarters of a mile […]

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Aftermath of suicide bombings in Kabul Tuesday

Help Wanted: Al-Qaeda (AQAP) Recruiting “Experienced” Suicide Bombers

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has begun posting Internet advertisements offering training for suicide bombers to target the U.S., Israel and France. Volunteers are asked to get in touch via e-mail with details about their own experience and proposed targets, and were posted on a variety of jihadist forums, including al-Fida’a, Shmoukh al-Islam and Honein. […]

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