The Unique Assault on Israel

by Daniel Pipes April 29, 2010 updated May 2, 2010 No contemporary state faces such an array of threats as does Israel – indeed, probably no state in history ever has. Consider their range: Weapons of mass destruction: Iran, Syria Conventional military attack: Egypt Terrorism: Hizbullah, Fath, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad Economic blockade and boycott: […]

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Israeli Diplomat Attacked in UK

Palestinian protesters tried to attack the deputy ambassador of Israel to Britain. Protesters lunged at Talya Lador-Fresher following her lecture Wednesday at the University of Manchester. The envoy, who was not hurt, told Britain’s Jewish Chronicle that she feared she would be physically assaulted by the protesters. Lador-Fresher was removed from the area by a […]

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Excuses for Islamists

by Eric Golub FrontPage Magazine April 30, 2010 A conference at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on April 16, 2010, offered “Critical Perspectives on the Criminalization of Islamic Philanthropy in the War on Terror.” Co-sponsored by the UCLA International Institute, the Critical Race Studies Program, and the UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near […]

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Why Arizona Drew The Line

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed a law – SB 1070 – that prohibits the harboring of illegal aliens and makes it a state crime for an alien to commit certain federal immigration crimes. It also requires police officers who, in the course of a traffic stop or other law-enforcement action, come to a “reasonable […]

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CAIR Loses Frivolous Lawsuit

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) tried to wage judicial jihad against a Michigan Circuit Court judge over the “modesty” of a Muslim woman but ended up losing the case and exposing the woman’s immodesty. Not all terrorism is violent. The Islamofacists have found another way to strike terror in our hearts or at least […]

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