Israel Report: What Really Happened to the Warning System in Itamar

Veteran investigative reporter Hagai Huberman reported on the real story of Itamar’s security fence in Be’sheva, Arutz Sheva’s popular weekly Hebrew newspaper. INN translated the report. So what really happened to the warning system in Itamar, the one that was put in place after the terrible terror attacks during the height of the Oslo War […]

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Special Coffeehouse, Special Waiters

Israel National News TV took part on Sunday in a special event organized by Café Meyuchad (special coffeehouse in Hebrew). The coffee and the food were indeed special, but what makes the coffeehouse truly special are the people who operate it, all of whom have Down Syndrome. “The special coffeehouse is a unique social project […]

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Donald Trump Releases Birth Certificate Without Hesitation; Questions Obama

Donald Trump, who has been making television appearances calling for President Barack Obama to release his official birth documents, released his birth certificate exclusively to Newsmax on Monday. “It took me one hour to get my birth certificate. It’s inconceivable that, after four years of questioning,  the president still hasn’t produced his birth certificate. I’m […]

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President Obama Gives Last Week’s Speech

Tonight, the president gave a long series of remarks that might have been appropriate last week when the administration kicked-off Operation Odyssey Dawn—explaining why US forces directly intervened in the Libyan civil war. Yet the questions asked at the outset of the intervention were still left largely unanswered. That airpower could turn back the advance of […]

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Hizbullah and Iran Helps Syria Kill Protesters

Hizbullah and Iran are helping Assad kill protesters, a Foreign Ministry source says, adding that Iran fears its “investment” in Syria will go down the drain. One Israeli official said he believed Syria had “reached a point of no return,” The London Telegraph reported. [youtube 0iF9oC6qqsA nolink] Evidence of the presence of Iranian forces was […]

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