Report: Hamas Targeted Civilians

From Human Rights Watch rejected a Hamas claim that the Palestinians did not target Israeli civilians with rockets during the Gaza war. In a statement Thursday, the human rights group said there is strong evidence that “Hamas’ claim that rockets were intended to hit Israeli military targets and only accidentally harmed civilians is belied […]

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Siemens Will No Longer Deal With Iran

The German engineering corporation Siemens will no longer conduct business with Iran. The major firm announced its decision at its annual shareholders meeting Tuesday. The announcement came shortly after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a news conference in Berlin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that she was seriously considering tougher sanctions on the […]

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Syria Calls Up Military Reserves

Friday, Jan. 22, Damascus ordered a Level 4 mobilization of Syria’s army reserves for deployment to the Golan Heights on the Israeli border, to meet what it calls “IDF plans of attack.” DEBKAfile’s military sources interpret Level 4 as referring to Syrian armored and commando brigades. In Lebanon, too, Hizballah has placed “all its forces” […]

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The Point of No Return: Clearly the Obama Administration Won’t Ever Do Anything Serious Against Iran’s Nuclear Program Thelastcrusade-We must now face an extremely unpleasant truth: even giving the Obama Administration every possible break regarding its Iran policy it is now clear that the U.S. government isn’t going to take strong action on the nuclear […]

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Western Female Islamic bombers to target US

Americans at risk from Obama’s “Diversity” policies. thelastcrusade–Al-Qaeda training female suicide bombers who may not look Arab, carry Western passport WASHINGTON – Al-Qaeda is training female suicide bombers in Yemen, including at least two who do not look Arab and carry Western passports, ABC reported. According the report, the current threat is tangible but the […]

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