Did 9/11 Change the World?

In each century since our nation’s founding, foreign enemies have tested the strength of the American republic, our national security, and our political principles. September 11, 2001 was not the first devastating attack on U.S. territory: in 1814, the British burned Washington, D.C., and, in 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. A look back at […]

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Why Bibi and Israel Must Attack Iran Now

By Peter Paton Obama’s hesitation, weakness and hand wringing over Syria is the definitive proof that Obama will never take any military action to stop Iran getting Nuclear Weapons, thus Israel must act accordingly. “Attack is the Best Form of Defense ” Bruce Lee Israel would do well to listen to the wise and astute […]

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Pakistan Says It Captured Bin Laden Aide

Pakistan says it has arrested senior Al Qaeda terrorist Younis al-Mauritani, who took orders from Osama Bin Laden before he was killed. U.S. intelligence assisted in capturing him along with two aides. “Mauritani was tasked personally by Osama Bin Laden to focus on hitting targets of economic importance in United States of America, Europe and […]

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Operation Fast and Furious: An Obama Foreign Policy Disconnect

During the past week, the U.S. and Colombia indicted and arrested more than 50 individuals charged with organizing maritime and aerial smuggling of cocaine from Colombia to the U.S. via Central America and Mexico. The arrests again reflect the sustained nature of close law enforcement cooperation between the U.S. and Colombia. This cooperation has been […]

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A Jobless Labor Day

Job-seekers (L) talk to employers (R) during an outdoor job fair at the Crenshaw Christian Center in South Los Angeles August. 31, 2011. For 14 million unemployed Americans and their families, this Labor Day will not be a happy one. Instead of enjoying a day off of work, they’re suffering a disturbing trend under the […]

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Obama to Call for Washington-Built Schools in Thursday ‘Jobs Speech’

President Obama will likely call for more education spending in his jobs speech scheduled for Thursday, and it’s anticipated that he will make a pitch specifically for new federal funding for school construction. But federally financed school construction is problematic on constitutional and practical grounds. The U.S. Constitution does not mention the word education and […]

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