Side Effects: Obamacare Creates More Unnecessary Work for Already Swamped Doctors

One provision of Obamacare has already spawned a nightmare for doctors, pharmacists, and patients. As of January 1, Americans with health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible savings accounts (FSAs), and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) can no longer purchase over-the-counter (OTC) drugs using these tax-exempt accounts. After only a couple of months, health care providers are already […]

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Why the No-Fly Zone Won’t Fly

As Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi’s forces ramp up their attacks on rebel fighters, talks in the U.S. of a no-fly zone over the country are intensifying as well. Washington needs to look carefully at the crisis instead of impulsively implementing a no-fly zone just to do something. Rather than giving the appearance of action while […]

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Hollywood’s War On America

By: Daniel Greenfield– Hollywood’s war on America may have claimed its first two casualties with the murder of two US airmen in Germany by a Muslim terrorist who was inspired by the Koran, and apparently by a clip from Brian DePalma’s movie, Redacted. This isn’t the first time the news-entertainment complex has manufactured its own […]

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Sudan: Congress Moves to Block Obama’s “Cookies and Gold Stars” Approach

The Obama Administration has pursued an incentive plan for Sudanese President Omar al Bashir to try and secure his cooperation and support for the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement between Sudan and the nascent independent state of Southern Sudan. One of the Obama Administration’s preliminary offers was the removal of Sudan from the state sponsors of […]

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Obamacare Subsidizes Health Benefits for State and Local Government Retirees

It’s no secret that Obamacare is chock full of favors for big labor. One example is the new law’s excise tax on “Cadillac” insurance plans, which won’t apply to collectively bargained health plans when it goes into effect. It doesn’t end there. Obamacare also created the Early Retirement Reinsurance Program, which subsidizes employer-sponsored health benefits […]

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