BBC – Secret Lives: Middle Eastern Taboos – Leaving Islam

Christians can sometimes practice their faith freely across much of the Arab world but converting from Islam to Christianity is another matter entirely. Omar Abdul-Razek investigates. Omar Abdul-Razek, a reporter from the BBC’s Arabic Service, spent 3 months investigating the hidden world of converts, travelling across the region from Egypt to Morocco and eventually to […]

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US Credit Downgrade Is The End Of The World – Here’s Why

Other countries have had downgrades and been fine so why is this different? Here’s what people don’t understand: Unlike other sovereign debt downgrades such as europe or japan that have happened, the U.S. treasury securities are unique as a substitute for cash/dollars. No other country is like this, their securities are considered risk investments not […]

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Fjordman Reveals Identity

A right-wing blogger popular among so-called “anti-jihadist” circles has revealed his true identity in an attempt to distance himself from the Norwegian terrorist who killed more than 70 two weeks ago. In an exclusive interview with Norwegian dailyVG, whose headquarters were bombed in the attack, 36-year-old Peder Jensen says he is behind the Fjordman blog, which was repeatedly […]

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President Obama Jumps the Gun on Praising African Leaders

Last week President Barack Obama praised Presidents Yayi of Benin, Condé of Guinea, Issoufou of Niger and Ouattara of Côte d’Ivoire as models of Africa’s democratic progress. Since gaining their independence, many African countries have suffered poor governance and widespread instability due, in part, to the unwillingness of African leaders to leave office or support […]

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