Virginia Protects Religious Liberty in Adoption and Foster Care

Virginia residents witnessed a significant victory for religious liberty this week. On Wednesday, Virginia’s State Board of Social Services voted 7–2 to reject a controversial policy that could have forced faith-based institutions to abandon their beliefs and cost Virginia many effective adoption agencies. Governor Bob McDonnell (R) is expected to approve the regulations. The proposed […]

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The Debt Failsafe Trigger Danger

What is the “debt failsafe” trigger that the President rolled out in his speech on April 13? This is an idea that may be introduced into the debt limit increase debate next month, and it is a dangerous idea.  If the Senate’s “Gang of Six” (a bipartisan group working to reduce the deficit) or the […]

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PODCAST: Taxes on the Rich

In a timely Heritage in Focus, Heritage expert Curtis Dubay discusses part of President Obama’s budget proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy – those earning over $250,000. The president’s budget this year is $3.6 trillion. Confiscating every single penny from every income earner making more than $114,000 – everyone in the top 10 percent […]

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Experts Question Wisdom of Abbas’ Unilateralist Approach; USA May Defund UN; PA Gunning For French, German Support

As PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas proceeds full steam ahead with plans to seek a unilateral declaration of a PA state using the 1948 armistice lines for its borders by the United Nations some observers say he may be invoking the law of unintended consequences. The Opposite Effect? Aaron David Miller, a former Middle East negotiator for […]

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Bipartisan Policy Center’s “SAVEGO” Is a Free Pass to Tax Hikes

It seems everyone except President Obama is presenting a detailed plan for dealing with our nation’s rapidly growing debt these days. The latest entry comes from the Bipartisan Policy Council. One feature of their plan, “SAVEGO,” calls for automatic spending cuts and higher taxes should Congress not reduce the debt to a predetermined share of […]

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After String of Security Lapses at Newark Airport, TSA Official in Charge Promoted

( – The Transportation Security Administration appointed as a senior adviser at its D.C. headquarters an official who requested reassignment after quitting as federal security director of Newark Liberty International Airport, following a string of security lapses. Barbara Powell, who served as TSA’s security director at the New Jersey airport since July 2007, has been […]

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