Abbas Wins Symbolic Victory in Britain: Palestinian Authority Now a Mission

Britain told visiting Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas that it is upgrading the status of the PA from a “delegation” to a “mission” in London, easing visa requirements but not granting diplomatic immunity. The mainly symbolic change is another diplomatic plum for the globe-trotting Abbas, who flew to London on Monday to win international recognition of […]

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The Israel Air Force Communications Unit Embraces ‘New Media’

The Israel Air Force Communications Unit is launching an International New Media program targeting the English speaking world, which will include a constantly updated website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. The unit will be under the aegis of IAF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Assaf Librati, reports IAF Online Communications. Explaining the rationale for the new initiative, […]

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How Long Will the Eurozone Agreement Hold?

On Saturday, process won out over substance in the reaction to the agreement by leaders of the eurozone on measures to combat the European debt crisis. Since there was so much advance speculation that no agreement could be reached, the very fact that the leaders reached an agreement touched off a wave of financial optimism. […]

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Europe Must Stand Up to Islamism

By Hege Storhaug– In the past few months, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and British Prime Minister David Cameron have all firmly rejected the disaster that is multiculturalism. Europe is finally waking up to the threat posed by decades of policies which preached tolerance, yet bred the exact opposite: an intolerance by […]

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Japan’s Nuclear Situation Nearing Severity of Chernobyl

(CNN) — The explosion Tuesday at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has elevated the situation there to a “serious accident” on a level just below Chernobyl, a French nuclear official said, referring to an international scale that rates the severity of such incidents. The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale — or INES — goes […]

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