TSA Has Its Security Priorities in the Wrong Place

There is absolutely nothing wrong with full-body scanners. In fact, the more we innovate and introduce new security technologies, the more we can stay one step ahead of terrorists. But there are major problems with the way the Department of Homeland Security, through the Transportation Security Administration, is handling security at airports. Requiring more and […]

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A Brief History of Earmarks

Some in Washington seem to believe that the way our nation currently funds infrastructure projects is the only way. For example,  Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) told Politico: Let’s look at transportation. How do you handle that without earmarks, since that’s a heavily earmarked bill? How do you handle a Corps of Engineers project? I think, […]

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“1967 Borders Never Existed”

The term “1967 borders,” the Arab world’s mantra for the borders of a PA state, never existed, says former Ambassador to Canada Alan Baker in a research paper for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Ever since neighboring Arab countries attacked Israel in 1948 as it became an independent country for the first time in […]

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Thousands at Rally in Support of Judea, Samaria

Thousands rallied at Kikar Tzion (Zion Square) in Jerusalem Thursday evening in support of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, and continued construction there. Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe of Our Land of Israel warned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his speech that if he decides to destroy Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, “There will […]

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24 Signs That All Of U.S.A Is Turning Into Detroit

For years, people have been laughing at the horrific economic decline of Detroit. Well, guess what? The same thing that happened to Detroit is now happening to dozens of other communities across the United States. From coast to coast there are formerly great manufacturing cities that have turned into rotting, post-industrial war zones. In particular, […]

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Are Visas for India’s High Tech Companies Congress’ New Cash Cow?

Republicans and Democrats can always agree on spending more money. Their default position is usually not to cover costs.  But if they must, there’s one sure-fire political no-brainer: make foreigners pay.  After all, they can’t vote.  Next year, as Congress begins to take a closer – perhaps serious – look at the budget deficit, foreigners […]

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