‘Terrorism has no religion’ is a statement of intellectual and moral cowardice.

Propaganda on Facebook TerrorismThese poor innocent people were enjoying the celebrations and festivities of Bastille Day, when Islamic terror struck France, yet again. Perhaps even more nauseating than the Twitter hashtags and Facebook profile pictures are the ceremonial platitudes sprawled all across social media by people partaking in their regular brainless pastime of virtue-signalling. Let’s address one of the prominent stomach-churning platitudes shall we.

Terrorism has no religion

It is sheer intellectual and moral cowardice to suggest terrorism has no religion. Promulgating the notion that terrorism has no religion, is therefore also promulgating that the concept of martyrdom has no religion; and that quite frankly is just ridiculous. An individual wishing to sacrifice himself, for what they believe is the cause of Allah, based on the premise of being bestowed eternal paradise in the hereafter has nothing to do with religion? Are we really supposed to believe this?

When these despicable attacks are carried out by an adherent of Islam, in the name of Islam, while screaming Allahu Akhbar, who are we to say this has nothing to do with the religion that he felt he had everything to do with; so much so he was even willing to die for it. The salient point is, what we think is actually immaterial. What we need to be concerning ourselves with is the mindset of the perpetrator. And the mindset of the perpetrator, is the desire to adhere to ideological principles sanctioned by Islam. Whether people like it or not, that’s all that matters here.

It’s intellectual cowardice, and outright torpor to throw around the ‘terrorism has no religion’ platitude. If we don’t even acknowledge a problem exists in the first place, how on earth do we go about resolving it?

After seeing the horrific video from Nice, I thought I would take a look at the BBC News Facebook page to get an understanding of public feeling in response to this atrocity. The posts were littered with comments from people of the Islamic faith sprouting various kinds of bile, hatred and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Are we really supposed to be believe we don’t have a problem with Islam in our society? Are we really supposed to believe the lie we are constantly spoon-fed by our government and mainstream media that it’s ‘only a small minority’?

Although the vast majority of Muslims would never commit violent acts, it certainly appears, especially when you consider all the independent research from organisations such as Pew Research, ICM and Gallup, that when it comes to sympathetic attitudes towards violent attacks, we have a severe problem.

Are we going to exacerbate the problem by ignoring it, and continue importing more of the same intolerable ideology? Well, yes we are. Our governments will do it because they say it’s good for us. They say it makes us kind, generous and benevolent people. They say it enriches us with diversity, and that diversity is our strength.

If you attempt to disagree and protest this pure insanity, liberal leftists will bully and denigrate you. The usual epithets will ensue in attempts to silence criticism; you racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, etc. If the tyrants and aggressors from the left are not simply demonstrating the aforementioned traits of intellectual cowardice and torpidness or habitual virtue-signalling, there is a strong possibility they actually are exhibiting signs of mental illness. We discussed this in a previous article.

British people residing in working class English towns like Rotherham, Doncaster, Sheffield, Wakefield and Bradford have been having an extended dose of diversity. They don’t think that diversity tastes very nice. In fact, in the recent referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, the majority of people in these towns voted to leave. Although the Brexit doesn’t directly avert the hordes of Middle-Eastern Muslim migrants entering Britain in the short-term, it will provide options for ensuring British immigration policy is not stipulated nor mandated by irresponsible self-loathing tyrants like Angela Merkel. I hope France follows suit and we soon have a Frexit on the cards.

I am tired of writing these articles, and perhaps you are tired of reading them. If our governments don’t have specific policies to address Islamisation, then we need to vote them out. In the case of France, Marine Le Pen and Front National offer such an alternative.

Religion of Peace

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