Obama Excludes Muslims from Forced Health-care Bill

Muslims excluded from forced Heath-care..

It’s on page 107 of the health care bill.

Anyone can look this up on Google, it exists! It’s a REAL word. Amish are also excluded. I think I could become Amish a whole lot easier than Muslim.

Word of the Day: Dhimmitude

Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.

The ObamaCare bill is the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be “gambling”, “risk-taking” and “usury” and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.

How convenient, Ann Barnhardt, a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of her assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivables, and will face hard prison time because she refused to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health needs paid for by the de facto government insurance. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. Period. This is Dhimmitude.

Dhimmitude serves two purposes: it enriches the Muslim masters AND serves to drive conversions to Islam. In this case, the incentive to convert to Islam will be taken up by those in the inner-cities as well as the godless Generation X, Y and Z types who have no moral anchor. If you don’t believe in Christ to begin with, it is no problem whatsoever to sell Him for 30 pieces of silver. “Sure, I’ll be a Muslim if it means free health insurance and no taxes. Where do I sign, bro?”

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I recommend sending this link to your contacts. This is desperately important and people need to know about.

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  1. This is sickening to read . The president of the united states giving terrorists, Muslims,etc…as a survivor of September 11, does anyone remember that? This man is so so unqualified to be this nations president, yet we are such an ignorant guilt ridden for being white that we turn our backs to what this man is doing to this country. It is so scary, people like oprah,etc. Should be ashamed of themselves, if they really paid attention to what is really, really going on behind.d the scenes. By the way, I have many friends whom voted for him and all of them say how much they regret it and what a phony this man really is. God help us .

      • I’m still trying to learn what our founders meant when they specified you must be a natural born citizen to become President.
        I don’t believe they were thinking being a son of a Kenyan British subject and 18 years old American girl as his mother would make him a natural born citizen.

        Native born? Perhaps. Natural born? Hell no. But, my fellow Americans, our boy Barry isn’t our problem. Those traitors we have in DC are our problem. Could it not be the communist party has taken out Senate over? Be prepared.

        And just think, Barry is the first usurper in office, he isn’t the first man in to [reach] for our guns.

    • What sickening is that you would believe this garbage. There’s not an ounce of truth in any of it. There IS no exclusion. There IS no jail time, freezing of assets, etc. Must you let an article do the thinking for you? Open a new tab and read it for your self. THINK, people, THINK! It’s funny to see people so ill informed but then it’s sad. It’s hard to realize people can be so dumb. And yes, I survived Sept. 11 as well. Anyone who didn’t die that day can be considered a survivor. Thank Bush/Cheney for that murder toll.

      • I do wish you were correct Cori, failure to pay can in fact lead to jail time, but that was before this was changed to be a tax, so who knows today?


        Americans who fail to pay the penalty for not buying insurance would face legal action from the Internal Revenue Service, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

        Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty. Yes the IRS can seize assets, and put liens on property etc.

        • If you fail to obtain insurance and are fined, the only thing that the IRS can do is withhold any tax refund that you might have coming. They can not jail you, take any of your property. They are powerless to do anything but withhold any tax refund you have coming. That is the facts and if you consider that part of the Obama Care law and others it is absolutely poorly thought out.
          First they say you must have insurance or they will tax/fine you (whatever!) Then they say that if you don’t pay the fine they can do nothing about it.
          They say that if you have more than 50 employees you must provide insurance for your them. What is to stop a small business owner, that has 49 employees, from hiring a 50th, dividing his company in to two separate companies, complying with all the rules and regulations that allows you to do such a thing, even putting the second company under his wife’s name if being under one name would violate another stupid ass government regulation. He would then be free to add another 48 employess to that 2nd company and still pay no insurance. This could go on and on and maybe even prove so successful for him that he could pay enough to allow the employess to obtain their own insurance.
          Wouldn’t it have been easier to tell all that are of such income that can afford insurance, but do not have it, that they do not have to get it but that any medical treatment given to them for which they owe money will be held against them and that collection of that debt takes priority over all other debts to the point that they can have their property taken, thru the court, by that party(s) to which the money is owed.
          They are saying that they are going to give a supplement to those families under a certain income so that they can afford insurance. It seems to me that with all that I am hearing that this medical plan is going to cost it would have been easier to just give it to them without all this hoopla, take the shortcuts instead of all this involved regulation about giving here, taking there, raising this cost and lowering that cost. But, that’s government for you they always to seem to take the long way around and on top of that they choose the path that has the most pitfalls.

          • Note: IRS liens can lead to property seizure (IE Bank accounts, real property etc), not everyone get a tax refund on the end of the year.

            • So, what’s your point?!
              IRS can not put a lien against you for not buying insurance or not paying the fine issued for not buying insurance.
              If you don’t get a refund at the end of the year then they are powerless to withhold it, aren’t they? My point was that if you usually get a refund you can avoid them having refund money to withhold by reducing your withholdings.

              • I think that alpineski was stating that if someone does not have a refund to withhold, they can actually do other things to get the money.

                The IRS can levy your bank accounts which forces the bank to hold all of your money until you pay and then you have to pay a fee to the bank for doing so. The IRS can also garnish your wages and force your employer to withhold money that the IRS claims you owe. The IRS can even seize your property if they so desire.

                • Yeah, but only if you have not paid your fair share of due legally due taxes.
                  If you don’t believe me, check it out with a constitutional wise attorney and/or write and ask the IRS.
                  Don’t let them scare you with double talk. Ask them for a straigh yes or no answer!

                  • A refund is if you ‘overpay’ your taxes due Jim, seems your very confused to what a tax refund even is. Figure that one out and we can go the next argument.

                  • For the record, the IRS CAN and DOES attach property for unpaid taxes. A few years back we had just moved to another state, had no money, and owed a very small amount of income tax. I don’t recall the exact figure, but it was under $50. An IRS agent came to the house and demanded our car — the only way of reaching work — until the taxes were paid.

                    During this same period, a local service station was padlocked by the IRS, with customers’ vehicles still inside it because the station owed some income tax. Not paying taxes DOES result in jail time. That’s the only way they could get Al Capone and some others off the streets was to go through the IRS. Under the Patriot Act, the powers of the IRS have been greatly enhanced. The whole thing is over control of the population. Follow the master, or pay the consequences.

                    • You are comparing apples and oranges! Unpaid taxes are just that – taxes that you legally owed and did not pay.
                      I am talking about refunds you legally have due you from IRS. If you have not obtained insurance, which is mandated by the Hitler in blackface, then you are subject to a fine. BUT, it was written in the Health Care Law that this is the one place that the IRS was powerless to to do as they usually are allowed by law – collect fines.
                      If you owe a refund, they can withhold any portion that they deem to be the required fine/tax for not buying health insurance.

                • So many of these things are difficult to dredge through and find facts, but from reading different trustworthy investigating reporters, I don’t really think the IRS, is even part of our government. We pay them and the rank and file are hired from our workforce, but higher administration are put in position by , for lack of a better phrase, (The Powers That Be ).

          • Willie Nelson spent five years in prison for failure to pay taxes. The penalty is up to ten years (more time can be added for other things like failing to file, etc.) with no cap on the fine(s).

            • Nelson got fined and/or got time for NOT PAYING A DUE TAX!
              That is different from not buying insurance and ignoring a order to pay a tax/fine that the government – IRS or any other agency has NO right to levy in the first place.
              You are not trying to cheat the government out of due funds in the form of a tax. You are not refusing to fie a tax form.

              • Who says that income tax is a fair tax anyway. The whole system is not fair and income taxes were not the intention of the founding fathers.

                Other taxes such as sales taxes are fair, but not income taxes.

                If Woodrow Wilson was allowed to force the people to pay income taxes and get an amendment to the Constitution in place that allows this, then the government could probably do the same for the Obamacare mandate.

                Keep in mind that income taxes were not legal until the government made it legal. That seems to be what is happening with Obamacare.

                • As of present Obama care has not been made an amendment to the Constitution.
                  If it finally is, will it read that the government has the power require you to purchase anything that they deem necessary and to penalize you for not following orders.
                  ZEIG HEIL!!!!
                  Everyone in favor of HUSSEIN as the president raise a stiff right arm at a 10 degree angle and shout praises!
                  Bet’cha many people wish that Obummer had been born and only grown to about 4’6″!
                  Then we could have just stepped on him and said it was an accident, that we never saw him!
                  OHHHHHH! The thought sends chills up my legs. How about you, Chris Mathews??!!!

                • Let’s cover another little known fact about Obummer Care.
                  The “Death Panel” otherwise know as the Independant Panel Advisory Board (IPAB)once established will have the power to make rules about the care that you can get.
                  Those rules will become law.
                  As it is now, only Congress has the power to create laws BUT now the IPAB will also have that power!
                  Congress will have no power to over-ride that ruling nor will the president have any power to void it.
                  There will be a 7 month window in 2017 where Congress can make a decision as to the continuance of the power and existance of the IPAB and if they do not act to take away the law making power or to abolish the board, it will from there be in existance with ultimate power to make laws concerning your treatment under Obummer Care.
                  If you want to see more about the powers of the bill go to You Tube and look up Dr. Jill Vechhio. She supposedly has read the entire bill and as a doctor understands the negative elements of it. She presents the facts in 7 parts so be sure to watch it in order starting at number 1 and going all the way through to number 7. Each part runs about 10 – 15 minutes and is in simple to understand talk.

                  • Let’s cover the main fact that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen. Through his ‘autobiography’, which he advertised for 16 years of being born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, he all of a sudden decided he had made a mistake on his advertisement and changed his birthplace to Hawaii. Native born? Possibly, but natural born? Hell no.

                    Since our founders fought the British Empire for our freedom, did they think the son of a Kenyan British subject should be thought of as a natural born citizen and become their (our) President if his daddy could come to the USA as a foreign student and father a child when he made a bad mistake and picked an 18 year old American girl as his mother when she hadn’t lived in the USA for 5 years after her 14 year old birthday to make it legal to pass her American citizenship down to him? By the laws then, she had to be 19.

                    So who screwed up; our founders, the Senate (for affirming the Electoral College’s vote) or our full Congress for allowing it to happen after the fact?

                    I say we should throw all of them in the pot because none of then have raised a question on the issue. Did they take that Congressional oath to defend this nation or did they just stand there with their mouths shut when it was given?

              • Dear Jim, Obama care will be and is a DUE TAX. Remember when the Supreme Court settled the argument and chief justice Roberts said it was indeed a TAX, a forced TAX? We don’t have a choice or wiggle room to choose whether or not to pay it. When it comes to our rights, it seems to me that the left is more about shredding the constitution rather than persevering our God given rights. Oh I forgot I cant mention God, excuse me! The further away we get from the almighty the worse things seem to get. If im lying im dying. Have a blessed day.

            • Yes and also Red Foxx had everything he owned taken from him, I think he was living in Vegas. IRS pulled up with a couple big trucks , took his furniture, etc. The thing was on tv early 80’s. If he would have gotten the county sheriff they could have kicked them out of the county. And Jim, my poor misguided, trusting, probably honorable man. Don’t think for one second in real life your scenario would work. Unless you were already wealthy, or had lots of years to implement such a grandiose business plan. I had to take out bank loans to pay those foreign servant of the powers that be, the IRS, their money because after paying monthly bills to them for a year. My balance had grown over 25% of the original fines and penalties. Foxx was actually in tears on the tv news report.

              • You did not owe money for not taking out insurance.
                If you had money coming from a legally over-paid tax they could hold it for you not buying the insurance.
                BUT – –
                They can not take your property or anything else when you don’t owe them a legal debt for past unpaid taxes or penalties owed on past legally owed taxes!

      • You jus needa believe, brother!!!

        This sick summabitch redbellied, commie, socalist, dirty theivin Kenyan is goin to take our proud old country down to the marxist underbelly of adolf.

      • Moslems had nothing to do with 9-11, it was a complete false flag operation.
        No, I’m not a fan of Islam, in fact it is a nasty vile cult.
        But facts are facts.

        • I may be a ass, but I’m an expierenced investigator with more than a few connection.
          So tell me WTC-7fell, or how an aircraft that just knocked over 5 light poles and still managed to hit the Pentagon.
          I’ll be waiting for your answers ;^)

            • I’ve investigated every aspect of 9-11.
              Now please tell me how WTC 7 fell. Or how an aircraft could plow into the ground (Shanksville) and not scatter bodies and luggage all over the place.Come on you can do it!*

              BTW,I saw the aftermath when that DC 8 went in at Cerritos, CA back in the 80’s

              • The guy, I forget his name, that owned WTC7 had requessted permission to demolish the building. irt is believed that he had previously had the explosives placed to do so when the permission was granted.
                it is believed thet he either used the incident on 9-11 to set off the explosives and make it look as a result of the attack so that he could collect insurance or that the explosives were detonated by the impact on the main towers.
                As far as the plane lowing in to the ground at Shanksville or the Pentagon and not seing any residue of the plane or contents i would ask if you have ever seen a 2 X 4 driven thru a telephone pole during a tornado?
                The impact was so sudden and forceful that there was no chance in hell of any luggage being ejected prior to comlete consumation of the intense fire that resulted from the fuel ignited on impact.
                Are you suggesting that witnesses that saw and recorded on video, in some instances, were hallucinating. All video showed planed goiong in to the towers and the Pentagon. The cell phone conversations of the people on board the plane that went in to the ground are proof that they were on it, that it did crash there.
                I can go along with some conspiracy theories of the past but the one that you are proposing are idiculus in liught of so many eye witnesses.

                • So the owner wanted to demolish those buildings and took the advantage of murdering thousands of people to “get his job done”?

                  I agree, that’s possible. I guess it depends on the man. He might be tickled to murder 3,000 people to make a few hundred bucks.

                • Gentlemen, That lack of bodies, luggage, wreckage puzzled me, too. Then I saw some high-powered official interviewed about that very thing. He claimed to be part of the decision to shoot that plane out of the sky, making sure it did not reach whatever its target was. He stated it was a very tough decision to make, considering the innocent passengers on board. However, it had already been demonstrated in NY that they were not going to survive. The missile used literally disintigrated the plane. Someone on the ground reported seeing a streak of fire near the plane just before it disappeared.

                  When a vehicle traveling 100 mph can go completely through a house and land in the back yard (happend 6 blocks from me), a plane traveling 3-5 times faster would have no problem with utility poles. By the time a plane is at such a low elevation, its target is dead ahead and crashing into it would be assured. Come one, fellows! Think it through!

          • I agree, Buck. Could those planes flying into an upper floors of those buildings cause them to “fold” straight down to their basements? I don’t think so. That couldn’t be a “down in the hole” collapse. I believe a close look would show them blown at their corners in their basements.

            • have you ever heard of a raised patio deck collapsing from too much weight being placed on it?
              What do you think happened to the floor below the first one to fall 8 or 10 feet when the steel supports became to soft from heat to support?
              Now you have two concrete floors with all the weight added by the business, copy machines, desks, chairs, file cabinets etc falling on a floor below it. That floor was designed to hold just so much weight. When you exceed it, it collapses just like those decks your read about at homes and restaurants/bars.
              The weight of floor after floor upon each floor below that is an not something you have to be an engineer to imagine the end result. The increased weight with each falling floor, I would imagine, is also going to increase the speed at which, each sunsiquent floor falls.

          • When a plane travelling at about 300 mph can go completely through a building (as was plainly shown when the second tower was hit) knocking down a light pole is insignificant. Not long ago an ordinary motor vehicle was travelling about 100 mph, hit a light pole and sheared it completely off. Happened about 6 blocks from my house. A tornado has been known to drive a straw into 2×4 and not break the straw. So a plane knocking down 5 light poles and hitting the Pentagon? Momentum alone could take it quite a distance before falling from the skies. Don’t be to quick to pooh-pooh strange events as conspiracies or hoaxes.

      • Cori, I don’t know what planet you live on but Obama has waived ALL MUSLIMS from the CRIMINAL, CORRUPT, UNCONSTITUTIONAL OBAMACARE WHICH WILL BE REPEALED SOMEDAY.


    • even worse Ann i have friends that voted for this ass and they are proud and happy with their actions and plan to do it again

      • YOur friends are idiots that are no doubt taking advantage of all the benefits that the government is handing out. They, like their fellow idiots believe that there is a money tree behind the WH and that is where the funds come from for all that they suck at the teet for.
        They do not realize that those gifts come from the taxes of those that work for a living. They do not realize that one day the well will run just about dry. That when they have nothing and the ones that give have just about nothing left will hold on to it for all they are worth and the giving will stop and the freeloaders will persish.

    • I don’t know who Anne Barnhardt is but she must have done something other than refuse to buy insurance.
      You do not have to buy health insurance and you can NOT be fined for not doing so BUT the IRS can withhold any refund that you have coming. They can not do anything other than that. They can not take any of your property or put you in jail. If you owe money, as it always has been, you must pay. So, lower your exemptions so that you do not have a refund coming to you. You may have to pay what you owe from your earnings but there again they can not do anything other than collect what you owe or fine you for not paying what you owe BUT they can not fine you for not buying insurance.
      So, it really seems like a stupid ass policy that they have put out- saying you have to buy insurance and if you don”t you will be fined and the saying that they do not have the power to fine you.
      Seems like they made a easy task hard but then we all know how the government loves red tape. Wouldn’t it have been easier to say to those that could afford insurance but do not buy it that that is fine with the government BUT that if you have no health insurance you will be billed for any treatment given and if you refuse to pay, your property can be taken, to the amount of your debt, by those to which you owe the money. Regulate the insurance companies – hell they already regulate everything else – and tell them that there is a fair limit to the price of premiums for each circumstance including covering older children that can not yet afford insurance for themselves. The poor, elderly, disabled and not ale to work? I am sure that if they stop pissing money away on countries that would like to see us dead, and saving snowy owls, albino rats and putting shrimp on tread mills they would be able to pay the premiums for those that REALLY can’t afford it or earn the money to afford it.
      Out of work? Do any job for any agency that requests your services for any job that needs attention for which you will receive a fair salary. BUT no sitting on your ass and getting free money etc if you are capable of working.
      Don’t want to do those kinds of jobs? Get an education in the line of work that you want to do. Better yet – PAY ATTENTION in school instead of having the tax payers pay for a second attempt at an education when you finally wise up and see that dealing in drugs is a short career opportunity!

          • Just last week I got a call from my daughter in Washington. Someone in her area signed up for Obamacare, gave all the required financial information, paid the sign-up fees, etc. Then discovered his bank account had been raided and he had nothing in the account. This was ON TOP of a horrendous amount paid at sign-up. Don’t know all the details. Needless to say the family is panic-stricken trying to figure out how they are going to survive. It appears that the feds — whichever department is to blame — cannot be trusted with the financial information required for signing up for ‘Affordable Insurance’. This has been one of the warnings different ones have cited about the plan. It gives the government unlimited access to your finances, so they said.

            • My reply was directed at Cori’s declaring that the government cannot, and does not seize assets. The illustration was to let it be known that the government (through the IRS – so far) not only CAN, but DOES seize whatever assets it can get its hands on, no matter how small. And it will use the IRS to target individuals, even if it means destroying their ability to go to work and produce the income necessary to pay what you owe.

              Had my husband been at home at the time the IRS man came to the house, he would have confiscated our car for a mere $50, and destroyed our ability to get to work so the bill could be paid. His locking up customers’ vehicles in the repair shop only illustrates how ruthless they can be. Literally holding other peoples’ property hostage as leverage over the garage owner. I’ve encountered only one other IRS person and the experience was much more amicable than the fellow in Colorado Springs. Some are totally ruthless, and they have been given them a free hand through Obamacare. I hope Cori never has to learn this from experience.

      • aahhhh jim…….what do you think the first $95 bucks is for if you do not have insurance and it increases every year after that…………..IT’S CALLED A FINE!!!don’t know what you have been reading but it isn’t the ovomitcare racket-packet.WOW…..are you ever in for a rude awakening, and it’s people like you who cannot see the hand writing on the wall.

    • Sorry, Ann. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is not our President. He is a usurper in office because our congress put him there.

      He was sworn into office without being affirmed Constitutional eligibility. Their excuse was a fear of race riots.

      If they feared a race riot in 2008, does that mean they will let him stay in office this election to bankrupt our nation?

      So what action will they take based on race in 2016?

    • Obama isn’t our President Ann. He’s a usurper in office. He is not a natural born citizen. If he was born as a natural born citizen, he lost that status when he became a citizen of Indonesia.

      Which brings the question: Did he repatriate his citizenship and his original name? If so, when, and why did he not announce it?

    • Obama is a no good, rotten, communist Muslim, Marxist, Fashist Traitor to the U.S,.
      He needs to be struhg up to a wagon by a rope and dragged on the groun all across America so all American Citizens can cheer and spit on him.

      I AM FURIOUS HOW BOUT YOU???????????????

      • Val hope your not referring to my post. If so, you better look at all the vids on obama and his thugs and how the communists raised him in indonesia and hawaii and how he was a pot smoker and a radical activist in occidental college and dropped out the commies took him and faked his schooling as no one ever saw him in a class.
        You are the one who needs to get educated.
        let me know and i will give you tons and tons of tyrannical acts obama has already committed and wont stip till he turns this country into a state of communism. sorry if you are blind.

      • Yes, Snopes has stated as such, but they are known to back the liberal agenda.

        There is hidden language that opens the door to excluding muslims. Yes, it does not say it directly and thus Snopes can say it is not true, but indirectly it does.

    • Sorry ann,but we don’t have an official president, we have usurper. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born American citizen. If he is, why has he spent millions to keep all of his papers under lock and key?

    • Sorry Ann, we do not have a president in the USA now. Our President left the Oval Office when George Bush walked out that door. We now have a usurper in that office.

      Technically, George Bush should have refused to leave that office knowing Obama wasn’t constitutionally eligible for it.

      The ‘race factor’ was the only thing that permitted Obama to usurp that office and because no one in congress raised a question on the issue, none of them deserve their seat in Congress.

      Even to this day, only a few has started to “raise hell” about some of his actions but none of them has mentioned the known fact he was born as a British Subject in Kenya.

      A question? type in Kenyan National Assembly Official Record (Hansard) 5 Nov 2008 on google and note that date is the day after our official election. You’ll find Obama’s name mentioned on 17 pages in that docement(unless I missed a count).

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  5. Boyyeee, you guys suuure broke the case open on this one!!!!!!

    Oweee boyyyy! That summmabitch is goin ta GIT undone by Mitt Romner!

  6. Boyyeee, you guys suuure broke the case open on this one!!!!!!
    Oweee boyyyy! That summmabitch is goin ta GIT undone by Mitt Romner!

  7. Um no offense as I am a registered republican, im wondering if you actually looked this up or copy and pasted this from another site? Because page 107 of the affordable care act has to do with Domestic Violence. Unless you are looking at something Im not looking at but the one they have under the Congressional site has nothing to do with muslims. Please before you spread hate, dont copy and paste crap online. Your not going anything good for the GOP.

    • In the case of an individual who is seeking an exemption certificate under section 1311(d)(4)(H) from any requirement or penalty imposed by section 5000A, the following information:

      In the case of an individual seeking exemption based on the individual’s status as a member of an exempt religious sect or division, as a member of a health care sharing ministry, as an Indian, or as an individual eligible for a hardship exemption, such information as the Secretary shall prescribe.”

      Senate Bill, H.R. 3590, pages 273-274

      • Ok thank you for taking the time to explain that. I am just tired of these half ass blog sites claiming to be professionals, getting advertising money to not tell the truth. Its what is ruining this country.

        • Why was the word “Dhimmitude” put in that bill to begin with, Melissa? Shouldn’t the President use the English language to write a bill?

          What was the purpose of using a foreign language? To “tell” us something, perhaps?

          • That word is NOT in it…the person who wrote the article is using that word to describe the bill itself.
            I am looking through the actual document (the bill) and do not find this exemption! It’s definitely not on pg 107 and not on 273 as someone else said.
            I’m thinking it’s not there….it still could be, the document is a beast to wade through!

      • Go to YouTube and look up – Muslims stone Christians in Dearborn – These are the animals that are going to free ride on the healthcare.
        I have seen public religious demonstration after religious ndemonstration by these rag heads and the Christians and others stand around and do nothing. They certaily do not attack the muslims. Yet, if Christians show up with any kind of representation of their faith the muslims go ape shit. The sad paert about it is that the authorities stand and do nothing because they do not want to see a riot by muslims.
        I say let them riot and then cut the bastards down for treason and civil disobedience. It is time to stop these camel jockeys from doing as they damn well please and destroying this country under the protection of the laws and rules laid down by our founding fathers
        What is wrong with you people.? You are like a mouse in a snakes cage, going happily about your day, not knowing that the snake also known as the muslims are just waiting till they are good and ready and then strike and destroy your ignorant butts!

        • Jim with all due respect, I prefer not to hate any religion or person because of what others do. I dont believe in pushing that on my kids for them to see. And i really do not believe in bashing a group of people because they stoned someone in america, when this country doesnt want to do crap about the Christian americans that are being just as bad towards others. Last time I checked, blowing up an abortion clinic or cutting off your kids arms because God told you so, was just as bad as stoning. Clean the webs out of american closets before you want to back someone elses. I mean really, do you back the Japanese like this? The Koreans? IM sure not because well, it wouldnt be that easy. And yes this is coming from a Republican Army wife that was stationed in Fort Hood texas when the shooting happened there. If god takes me, thats his choice. Not my place or right to judge anyone when American has WAY to much blood on our own hands.

          • You are the mouse in the snake tank oblivious to the fact that that snake is going to kill you one day!
            The atrocities that you speak of were bad BUT they are few and far between in in most cases the result of actions by someone with an unbalanced mind.
            For every one of the acts that you mention have you read of those acts in the paper right along another article about roadside bombs, villages being blown up, woman and children being murdered, killed in the most horrible ways, countries that do not want islam, being taken over by it? NO, but you DO read of those muslim violent acts every day.
            Do you read of so called moderate or peaceful muslim individuals or organization coming out and speaking against those acts of violence whether committed here or abroad? NO!
            These actions are not the actions of radical islam, they are the actions of islam. They have been doing this since muhammed created the hateful part of his religion in 622 after arriving in Medina. They are preached in the quran.
            Read the quran, and if you understand its construction you will know that every peaceful verse was abrogated (for the ignorant – it means replaced)by a violent verse sooner or later.
            So while you may not speak out against other religions and their actions you had better learn that islam is not just a religion. It is a way of life dictating everything you do. The way and how you think, act, say, observe, believe, dress, pray, go out in public, what you listen to, see, hear, what you eat, drink and on and on and on!
            This is a movement that is using our laws to subvert the very things that you husband has or may be called to defend. God bless him and I, as someone who has served, thank him for his services.
            They came to America supposedly because they wanted to enjoy its freedoms, beauty and culture but they really want to destroy that and install a government that dictates shariah law.
            If they are so much a part of America tell me, even if they aren’t saying the pledge of alligance, singing the national anthem. putting their hand over their heart, when there is a patriotic event taking place such as a parade or any other national celebration?
            Recently there was, on TV, three 4th of July events held at
            D.C., New York and Boston. The cameras scanned hundreds and hundreds of celebrating people, waving AMERICAN FLAGS. I looked hard to see even one person that I could identify as a muslim by appearance, dress, facial hair etc. There was not a damn muslim in the bunch. Maybe there are some reading this post that were at either of these celebrations that can tell me that they stood beside or saw a person that they suspected of being muslim and if they write they better not be signing with a middle eastern sounding name!
            So, Melissa, keep your head in the sand. You stay silent, take no action, love all religions, even the ones that common sense tells you mean harm to you and your children and one day you will wake to conditions similar to that which one day suddenly greeted Germans in the late 30’s and continued in to the 40’s. One in which it won’t be politics running you life but something that you and other fools seem to think is a religion.
            Your mistake is believing that the authorities did nothing about the crimes you mention. They did but they certainly are not doing a thing about the creeping poison of islam that is now pouring from the Trojan Horse that is here.

            • FYI my husband is a soldier. And ill make sure to send you a note after im dead because i got hit by a car. lol carry on. Your evil energy means nothing to me.

              • I know, as per info supplied in your post, that your husband is in the Army, so why the FYI? Dying by getting hit by a car is fine for you but what about the children that you leave behind? Do you have enough intelligence, derived from being up on the current events to know, if you are a white christian, that your race and religion is fast becoming a minority in this country? Do you know that islam is the fastest growing religion in the U.S. and the world? Do you know that muslims are out-breeding all others in the U.S.? Are you familiar with the Verse of the Sword?
                If the current trends continue in this country your children will, in their adulthood, live under shariah law.
                If you are O.K. with that then my “evil energy” truly does not mean anything to you.
                I wish there was a way that I could send you questions to answer to which you had no access to the answers other than your own knowledge as I truly believe that it would show that you are of an exceptionally low IQ.
                Ignorance is bliss, so be happy in it!

              • Poor Melissa, your ignorance of islam can be deadly. What do you think of the Aztec religion? Cant criticize it because it’s a religion.
                Read about the history of Islam, the life of the false prophet Mohammed, know thy enemy. I suggest http://www.political islam.com. There are many educational videos and lecture by Dr. Bill Warner about this evil cult.There are many sites and books to educate yourself. Read Nonie Darwish’s, CRUEL AND USUAL PUNISHMENTto learn what islam is all about. Good luck and open your eyes.

            • Damn Straight!!! It’s reassuring to know there are others out there that know stealth jihad when they see it!

              I have read the quran as well, and it doesn’t take a genius to see this is a mans thoughts written out and not of any God. Total goal is for ISLAM to be a world religion and all will submit to the will of [email protected] (aka “mans” will).

              Anyone doubting what is going on can just do a simple Google search for “Civilization Jihad PDF) and read the Muslim Brotherhoods Memorandum for the Western Civilizations, written in 1990.

              Imagine how much closer to their goal they are now. Look at Egypt for instance which is now under Sharia Law. Then think about the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and others that are forced to submit under this new rule….

              don’t quote me how your neighbor,doctor,friend,co-worker,etc… are “very peaceful” muslims. How can you be sure they are telling the truth when their own Quran instructs them that lying (kitman or taqqiya)to the “infidel” (non-muslim which is YOU!)is okay. They are instructed to be peaceful while living in a region where they are a minority, or at least until Islam becomes the majority.

              The CSCOPE curriculum is now being implemented in our schools. A teacher in Lumberton ISD was told they had to call 911 terrorists “freedom fighters”. The Boston Tea Party is portrayed as the “terrorists” ironically. I have found this story to be true and validated. Look up the CSCOPE curriculum yourself.


              • Sumtin those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it
                so the saying goes.
                Thise that argue that the “peaceful” muslims act as some sort of refuge for those that do not to want to worship under islam.
                The ones with the guns and that are willing to use them to kill any who stand in their way can be seen demonstrated “in the past” when they study what happened to Germany and subsequently other countries, when they tried to stand up against the Nazi movement.
                It is happening in many middle east countries now where “peaceful” muslims are resisting or refusing to roll over to the radicals interpretartion of islam.
                The only solution, since tyou can not tell the good from the bad, is to follow the lead of the Nazis, as the muslims are already doing, and that is to wipe the entire insane “religion” off the face of the earth.
                We’ll see what solution the Russians have in response to protecting the economy of their country witn the coming olympics.

          • Melissa,

            Hating a religion and a person are two different subjects. A religion is a man’s belief. That man is a person who has abusive political beliefs against his fellow men.

      • Except that’s not what it says on 273-274. It refers to Indian as in Tribal Indian per USA treaty status. Nowhere that I read does it say “Muslim”.
        and btw I DO NOT support Obama in ANY way but I can’t support or share bogus info. Tell the truth, back up your claims with real proof and I’m happy to help spread the word

        • Reads as:

          “or as an individual eligible for a hardship exemption, such information as the Secretary shall prescribe”

          There are several reasons why an individual could claim exemption, being a member of a religion that does not believe in insurance is one of them. Islam is one of those religions. Muslims believe that health insurance is “haraam”, or forbidden; because they liken the ambiguity and probability of insurance to gambling. This belief excludes them from any of the requirements, mandates, or penalties set forth in the bill. Other excluded groups include Amish, American Indians, and Christian Scientists.

            • Under common interpretations of Islamic law, conventional insurance is forbidden in Islam.

              Scholars such as Sheikh Muhammed Al-Munajjid criticise the system of conventional insurance as exploitative and unjust.


              Some exceptions:
              For those living in non-Islamic countries, who are mandated to abide by insurance law, there is no sin in complying with the local law. Sheikh Al-Munajjid advises Muslims about what to do in such a situation: “If you are forced to take out insurance and there is an accident, it is permissible for you to take from the insurance company the same amount as the payments you have made, but you should not take any more than that.

              • I rest my case. Let’s move on shall we?
                I’d like to note however that unsubstantiated claims are nothing but attempted scare tactics. Which is exactly what the “left” does in spades. Do we really need to stoop to their level? Can we please stick to the facts..ma’m?

                • Not sure how you have won this argument. It appears to be clear that alpineski has argued that muslims can get an exception. Where are your facts? Please do not point to something on factcheck.org as that is a widely known liberal site.



      • Fox is owned by foreigners, majority stock held by a sheik and they are creating the perfect environment in our country to do with us as they please both through trade and war. Obama is THEIR worse enemy because he’s making it difficult for them to do it. People that listen to a foreign owned and controlled media outlet and let’s their opinion be swayed by it, is nothing short of a traitor to this country. You can scream patriotism all you want, but you’re killing it with your media choices.

        • Where is your proof of this? Many of the causes advocated by liberals are paid for by the sheiks in the Middle East and by terrorists.

          One example:
          The Full Script for Matt Damon’s UAE-Funded Anti-Fracking Film

          This film is financed in part by the oil-rich United Arab Emirates to support a liberal cause but, more importantly, to keep America dependent on foreign oil.

        • Obummer may hate Fox but only because they bare the facts that prove he is a narcissist and a liar.
          CBS, ABC, MSNBC very seldom, if ever, have opposing views on as is prsented by Fox. When Obummer does something, that even a idiot like you can decipher as being outright deceit, they completelly ignor current events of the day so as to be able to stay out of the the current events field that would make anyone paying close attention to see that they are clearly glossing over the stupidity that is apparent to anyone that is un-biased enough to even be able to see that Ali Barack Obummer is only interested in his opinion!

      • It’s no surprise that many countries have passed literal laws, banning Fox news from ever airing. They’ve all called them out for the poison that they are to democracy and peace across the planet. It’s a scary thought that any American would take the word of a foreign news outlet, as fact.

      • Lordy, you are dumb. Rush is a fat draft dodger, believe me if he were any threat to the establishment, he would have been terminated long-long ago. And he went along with Mittens Romeny, another wealthy draft dodger who was born into evil sex-power-money cult. Screw the Repubs; I’M DONE WITH THEM

  8. this is bull crap they chose came here to live so they should not be getting specail priviledges they need to be treated like everyone one else in this country

    • And you have to wonder just why they come to a country that stands for everything they hate! If you haven’t figured that out I have some really good land in Florida I want to sell to you.

  9. Lies lies lies!!!! Wtf is wrong with the republicans! You are so full of hate! This is 100% not true! Stop Being so cruel!!!

    • i will believe this is not true the day he decides to put his hand on his heart when our national anthem is playing he choose to lead this country but he cant show the same respect for this country that most americans do and you know he is not going have to worry about him not being covered and getting fined for it or not being able to afford insurance and meds and do without other stuff everyone needs to survive some people are stuck with the choice of getting food, paying bills, rent etc. stuff needed to survive and getting fine cuz of it or getting insurance and paying half the cost of thier meds (which adds up when you are on more than 1 prescription needed to stay alive and help your medical issues that could be heriditary or not) which are up 300 dollars or more per prescription for a month supply and doing without the other stuff need to stay alive and survive the goverment thinks everyone has the same amount of money they have to afford everything they need and still have moey left over

    • Because we are proud republicans, missy.

      And Obama has the middle name of one of them there foreenerrs.

      You just cant trust yerself none of them there people over in that daggone sandbox.

      I heard they eat goat testicles!!!!! Now, how is that AMERICAN????

    • He is a ja and is a maxist muslim who hates Americxa and is takingus into communism…can you not see and have you not read and educated yourself?….if not, you deserve what he will do to you and your family!

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  13. It all is so anti-American.!!! Just who does this idiot think he is and how can he enforce anything if we ALL JUST REFUSE TO DO WHAT HE SAYS…JUST REFUSE…..it would make a total statement if not one person pays their taxes this year or gets this idiot’s insurance, so he can spend the money that comes in from it!!! Are all of you blind.?…This is a take over and we have got to stand up against him, as much as possible. They cannot put millions of us in jail….he may have some followerS, but the truth known he does not have….and there are so many that do not know the truth about this evil man and think he is fine. What stupid- stupid people we have become!! We are troughing our freedoms away and trashing our nation right along with Obama. DO NOT BUY INTO HIS LIES AND AGENDA; HE IS A MARXIST MUSLIM!!! He is a beast….

  14. Pure Christianoid Zionist propaganda. Bait and switch article to further push Islamophobia as a smokescreen and a red herring while the Zionist banksters loot America and enslave its people and future generations. What do you call this? Goyimitude? In any case, this is a million times worse than any form of Dhimmitude that ever existed. Death to the Zionists!

  15. Obama is a low down dirty roten communist, marxist, fashist traitor to the U.S.

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  19. How is THIS any different from Catholics being exempt from paying for contraceptives under the ACA due to Catholicism?

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