Macron Wins in France, Le Pen Will Comeback and Win In 2022 After Terrorist Push France to the Limit

Right-wing populism is on an inevitable rise in Europe. This proposition was tested this past week, when France voted for its next president. Marine Le Pen, the right leaning leader who has been applauded by Trump, finished in second place to Frances new President Macron.

France will spend the next 5 years rudderless under Macron, and Le Pen is going to comeback and win in 2022.  Macron will sell France to terrorist Muslims and the multinational corporations that guide and control them.

It won’t be an easy win in 2022, There will be more Muslim immigrants voting, angry people everywhere on the street. Cops will be beaten to death on the streets, cars burnt and Islamic terrorism will continue to increase, and of course nothing will be done.

During this campaign Macron said, “Terrorism ‘Will Be a Fact of Daily Life'” Macron also has said that there is no such thing as French culture. French people, prepare to suck it up, its possible with ongoing state of emergency in France over Islamic migrant terrorism, £20 bet Macron will hold power indefinitely using the laws in place.

It’s also possible Macron will fail so spectacularly he’ll resign or be booted before the end of his term.

The French press attacked Le Pen full swing, took the gloves off.  All of the media, the left, right and center, these so-called journalists were vomiting their irrational hatred on Le Pen.

All of them telling ad hominem lies, unfoundedly claiming that she does not have plans nor policies worked out to address France’s woes. Lies. She had an answer for everything at the night of the debate. Protecting France’s borders, expulsing terrorists and those who hate France, issuing sovereign currency again (the Franc), protecting French agriculture and strategic French assets from foreign predators, organizing a referendum to leave the EU? The French journalists – even female ones – were foaming at the mouth spewing out invective’s disparaging her or condescendingly dismissing Le Pen as an incompetent female Hitler or some such.

At least Le Pen gave the French a real choice and Macron surely will give them all the rope they need to hang themselves with.

Macron and his cronies are fundamentally incapable of solving the problems facing France, and will windup being as huge a failure as Hollande. 100% of the momentum is in Le Pen’s favor in the long term, France was not ready to save itself today, Le Pen, well she is still plenty young enough to run again in 2022.


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  1. Let us see. It is more likely that the French will have to learn how to perform Halal on frogs and snails before 2022.

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