Lawmakers Rally for D.C. Scholarships, Promise to Fight Obama’s Funding Cut

A bipartisan group of lawmakers today promised to defend the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program for low-income families following President Obama’s decision to eliminate funding in his budget. “The bipartisan, grassroots coalition responsible for keeping the Opportunity Scholarship Program alive will continue speaking out, and I’ll be standing alongside them every step of the way,” Speaker […]

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Sen. Mike Lee

VIDEO: Obama ‘Manifestly Wrong’ on U.S. Constitution, Says Sen. Mike Lee

Few lawmakers have expressed as much outrage over President Obama’s unconstitutional “recess” appointments as Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). He was among the first to warn about the consequences of the president’s unilateral action on Jan. 4. More than a month later, a new director is running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and three members of […]

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New START: Been There, Threatened That

Yet again, the Russians are working to strengthen their position prior to NATO’s Chicago summit coming up in May. Mikhail Ulyanov, director of the Security and Disarmament Department at the Foreign Ministry, stated that Russia’s withdrawal from the New Strategic Reductions Treaty (New START) “cannot be excluded.” Moscow primarily objects to the expansion of U.S. […]

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Gov. Scott Walker Defends Reforms; ‘Our Most Powerful Tool Is the Truth’

Gov. Scott Walker delivered a passionate defense of Wisconsin’s reforms at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday night. The embattled Republican governor used his keynote speech at CPAC to outline what’s at stake in Wisconsin and other states if his budget reforms are rolled back. “Our most powerful tool is the truth,” Walker told […]

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Voices of Opposition Speak Out Against Obama’s Contraception Mandate ‘Accommodation’

“Simply unacceptable.” That’s the near-unanimous response to President Obama’s supposed “accommodation” offered to those who objected to Obamacare’s mandate that religious institutions pay for contraceptive products and services—including abortion-inducing drugs. That mandate — which tramples heavily on religious liberties — drew tremendous fire across the board, from Christians and Jews alike, drowning the President in a political maelstrom of […]

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Defense Report Gets Failing Grade

America’s military is witnessing yet another attempt to recast the negative impact of massive defense cuts, this time in a report by the Council on Foreign Relations that attempts to illustrate the effect that slashed spending will have on U.S. forces and security. Unfortunately, the report uses some of the same ill-founded assumptions that the […]

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Paul Ryan (R–WI)

Ryan House Budget Committee Leads on Process Reforms

With debt and spending out of control, the good news is that the House Budget Committee is taking important steps toward focusing Congress on its most basic duty: budgeting. By speedily passing several budget process reform bills, Chairman Paul Ryan (R–WI) and others on his committee are moving Congress in the right direction—toward controlling spending […]

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Rick Santorum

Santorum Hands Romney Triple Defeat

Dismissed by pundits and GOP insiders just days ago, Senator Rick Santorum won the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and a non-binding primary in Missouri on Tuesday. Minnesota caucus results showed Santorum with 44.9%, of the votes, Paul 27.2%, Romney 16.9%, Gingrich 10.7%, and Others 0.3%. Colorado Caucus Results showed winning Santorum 40.2% of the votes, […]

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Egypt Takes American Hostages

Americans are held as protests continue in Cairo, Egypt. Relations between Egypt and the United States reached a new low yesterday when Egyptian officials published a list of 43 people, including 19 Americans, accused of interfering in Egypt’s internal politics. The Americans, including Sam LaHood (son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood), who is the country […]

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