A bipartisan slate of fifty House members urged President Obama on Tuesday to implement existing sanctions laws on Iran as a way of exerting further pressure on the regime to halt its illicit nuclear work, Agence France Presse reported. “Given Iran’s continued violation of U.N. Security Council Resolutions ordering a halt to uranium enrichment activities […]

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I’m Not Going to Stop Arresting Illegals

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio tells Newsmax he has no intention of bowing to pressure from Washington to stop rounding up illegal aliens, because they are “criminals once they cross the border.” “I’m not going to stop. I’m just doing my job,” said Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County which includes the city of Phoenix. The Department […]

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Remember the TARP Money? Yeah, It’s Gone.

Posted by Leon H. Wolf Via USA Today, TARP IG Neil Barofsky has some harsh words for the way the TARP funds have been handled: A Treasury Department watchdog is warning that a key $700 billion bailout program has damaged the government’s credibility, won’t earn taxpayers all their money back and has done little to […]

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Act now against Net Neutrality

Posted by Neil Stevens The time is coming that the left is going to begin its drive for Single Payer Internet, and so the time has come for us to fight back. Finland is gradually nationalizing the Internet and declaring use of other people’s Internet hardware a “right,” and the left is cheering. Obama’s “Internet […]

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Former CIA Dir. James Woolsey: Obama Should Stop Apologizing

By: Ronald Kessler Instead of apologizing to the world, President Obama should be supporting the people of Iran and Afghanistan who want freedom, former director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey tells Newsmax. In Afghanistan, Obama should be endorsing Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s plan to protect locals and patrol with them, as opposed to conducting search-and-destroy raids […]

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Homes: About to get much cheaper

If you thought home prices were bottoming out, you may be wrong. They’re expected to head a lot lower. Home values are predicted to drop in 342 out of 381 markets during the next year, according to a new forecast of real estate prices. Overall, the national median home price is predicted to drop 11.3% […]

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