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Filmmaker on Why Media Doesn’t Cover Gosnell Trial: ‘It Asks Too Many Awkward Questions’

Written on April 22nd, 2014 by kalelno shouts
Producer Phelim McAleer talked today at The Heritage Foundation about his new project, “Gosnell Movie,” which examines the case of criminal abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Speaking at Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing, McAleer […]

Taxpayer-Backed Loans to Foreign Companies Split Hill’s Republicans

Written on April 21st, 2014 by kalelno shouts
Export-Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg. Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Newscom With a deadline looming on the future of the taxpayer-funded U.S. Export-Import Bank,  congressional Republicans remain split on whether to reauthorize the bank’s charter. […]

Liberals Announce Plan to ‘Purge’ Christians

Written on April 20th, 2014 by alpineskino shouts
They were always deadly serious about criminalizing Christianity and killing free speech, but now the American left has stopped pretending otherwise. In a recent column titled, “Why Are They Called ‘Homofascists’? […]

Gosnell Movie Makers Speak at Heritage About Raising Over $1 Million

Written on April 20th, 2014 by kalelno shouts
Gosnell, a movie in the works about notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell, has now raised over $1 million through a crowd funding campaign, making it the largest non-celebrity promoted film  of its […]

China on course to become ‘world’s most Christian nation’ within 15 years

Written on April 20th, 2014 by alpineskino shouts
The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that it by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than America By Tom Phillips, Liushi, Zhejiang province It is […]

3 Areas Where Government Needs to Get Out of the Way

Written on April 19th, 2014 by kalelno shouts
Jim West/ZUMA Press/Newscom America has a jobs problem. And we don’t need more economic “stimulus” packages or government solutions. We need Congress and the Obama administration to stop dragging their […]

Study concludes: The US is not a democracy but an oligarchy

Written on April 18th, 2014 by alpineskino shouts
WASHINGTON,  (UPI) – Oligarchy is a form of government in which power is vested in a dominant class and a small group exercises control over the general population. A new study from Princeton […]

“Antisemite Max Blumenthal Incites Murder of Three in Kansas”

Written on April 18th, 2014 by kalelno shouts
by Daniel Pipes Apr 14, 2014 updated Apr 18, 2014 Cross-posted from National Review Online, The Corner Max Blumenthal, like others on the far-Left, jumped on the July 2011 Norwegian […]

Response to Matt Yglesias: Heritage Tax Chart Isn’t Misleading

Written on April 18th, 2014 by kalelno shouts
Matt Yglesias, now with Vox, finds this chart of ours misleading: He admits that the data is correct and that what it shows—that the federal income tax is highly progressive—is […]

What Is Agenda 21? After Watching This, You May Not Want to Know

Written on April 18th, 2014 by alpineskino shouts
Those who follow Glenn Beck might be aware of his latest book, “Agenda 21,” the suspenseful and perhaps sobering tale of a futuristic America in which a UN-led program spawned […]
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