Paul L. Williams, Ph.D., A leading Israeli think tank now recommends that a response by Israel to a non-conventional attack from Arab countries must include attacks on “major Muslim sites,” including Mecca and Medina, Islam’s two holiest cities.

This recommendation is included in a confidential paper from the Begin-Sadat Center for Mideast Security and Policy (BESA).

BESA, a non-partisan and independent institute, is affiliated with the Barlian University in Israel. It purportedly seeks to contribute “to the advancement of Middle East peace” with strategic suggestions.

The report insists that a non-conventional attack from an Arab country must include an attack on sites of “major symbolic importance for the Muslim world.”

“If the source of a terrorist nuclear attack against Israel is unknown, or if it is known to originate with al-Qaeda or Iran, Israel should make it clear that its response will be unlimited and include not just major population centers, but all sites of value, including those of major symbolic importance for the Muslim world,” the paper states.

BESA informs Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Rav Aluf Gabi Ashkenazi, Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Force, that this recommendation must be kept in secret: “A declaratory policy such as this might be highly inflammatory and further exacerbate the religious dimension of the US and Israeli confrontations with the Muslim world. This policy should therefore not be announced officially, as part of Israel’s declared retaliatory posture.”

However, the report also suggests that this strategy must be “made ‘known’ much as the international community ‘knows’ that Israel has nuclear weapons.” It holds that the policy of retaliation on the Muslim holy places can be “leaked” to the media by “a variety of means.”

BECA further maintains that failure to adopt such a strategy will have catastrophic effects for Israel. The report says: ‘A one-time failure to act devastatingly to prevent or retaliate for nuclear terrorism would be an invitation for further attacks and guarantee Israel’s final destruction. At present, the state of the threat is such that the need for a change in Israel’s deterrent policy is not yet imminent, but it must be followed closely to determine the appropriate timing.’

The site of greatest symbolic significance to the Muslim world is the Kaaba, which is located in the heart of Mecca, the birthplace of the prophet Mohammad. The granite structure, according to Islamic lore, was built by the prophet Abraham to house a black stone (presumably a meteorite) that fell to earth “at the dawn of creation.”

All Muslims, no matter where they find themselves, are required to face the Kaaba during prayer. What’s more, they are required to make at least one pilgrimage to Mecca during their lifetimes in order to perform the “tawaf” – – the ritual of walking seven times around the Kaaba in a counter-clockwise direction.

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  1. this is only a dream and never comes to reality.
    prophet mohamad (pbuh)says: you(muslims)will fight the jews and you will kill all of them even all the trees and stones that day, speak and say: “oh muslim this is a jew behind me come and kill him” except gharqad because it is jew’s tree.

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  2. I’ll kill each israel person if you dare to attack those two cities

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  3. Guys, this is nuts to even suggest. I have a sister that lives in the UAE and I love her very much. Politically and morally we can not threaten others without also hurting ourselves. This is not the path to peace.

    Why would either side insist on destroying the other in any kind of preemptory manner. This is nothing more or less than stark aggression disguised as a deterrent.

    Can you imagine Jesus, Buddha, or even Mohammad proposing an attack on say Salt Lake City, the Vatican, or the holy places in Jerusalem. Of course not. The belief that we must kill 10 on the other side for every one we loose is a demonic idea. Tolerance, love, and mercy are the only ways to peace. We must build bridges and explore the cultural, moral, political differences that divide us and learn to love better – not foster hate. This principle does not change because the destructive power and consequence of an Iranian attack are a real possibility, but because the principle itself is true and correct. It simply incites more vilonce from others with whom we have some differences. We have proven that intervention in the affairs of others in a forceful manner increases unrest and terrorism, it does not decrease it. We are a part of the problem, and specifically this kind of thinking brings fear into the hearts of millions. We must stop it.

    Trust me. Once a war has started, no one will care about morality or right anymore. It is only about winning. The side that wins will define history later on (perhaps, if there are any sides left). This path in reality may return us to the dark ages. We can not foresee what a real war may entail, or the effects on us all. The radius of our world is a mere 4000 miles. None of are very far apart. We need to bear this in mind as we envision attacks on others for whatever reasons. In such a conflict, does anyone really know where the loyalties of China, or Russia (or Pakistan and Korea) truely lie. If we open up a war in the Middle East, will India and Pakistan go at it at the same time? Where will it stop?

    We must be as was often said by our founding fathers: “First in defense, last in attack.” American needs this kind of backbone again. Speak softly, and yes carry a big stick. To do otherwise is un-American and anti-patriotic because it puts us on a road destructive to us all. Torture, and preemptory strikes does not lead to peace – just invokes more terrorists. Blowback is real. We must stay true to our founding principles. The best thing we could do for foreign policy is to renounce these “tools.” No one will believe in our “free” principles, unless we do first. While I may believe that Christianity and Freedom are far superior than Islam and slavery to dictators, time is needed for the people living in these societies to come to understand this as well. War does not give us the time needed.

    Perhaps the Muslim world (I’m talking about the majority of God fearing and moral Muslims) can teach us a few things about moral living and ridding ourselves of pornography, abortion, and the filth we have taken to be our own entertainment. There are reasons they should be leery of our culture.

    The principle of peace does not change with circumstances, or by the fact that we live in a world where it is possible to make nuclear weapons. It just shows that we must be more careful and learn to love instead of hate. To speak of the necessity of this preemptory nonsense is itself an affront to all that is good.

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    • Mohammad not only proposed attacks on people, he followed through on them, so its not so hard to imagine after all.

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  4. destroying a worship place would not end Islam or Muslims, but Israel must understand that it would be wiped out of the face of the earth by 1.5 Billion Muslims, who at present are sleeping but you will wake them for your own dooms day. and I don’t give a shit if Mossad is watching me, a very higher authority is watching over my back. Zionists are equivalent to Nazi’s. Holocaust was a crap, Zionists propaganda to attract world sympathy and take the attention away from Israel’s human rights violation in occupied territories.

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  5. Muslims pray to Ka’aba a stone in Mecca, they bow to it! God says do not do this!

    Leviticus 26:1-46 “You shall not make idols for yourselves or erect an image or pillar, and you shall not set up a figured stone in your land to bow down to it, for I am the Lord your God.

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