Obama Naive on Muslim Brotherhood

Israel’s National Security Council thinks that President Barack Obama is naïve in his attitude towards the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which stated Sunday it can’t fathom the idea of recognizing Israel.

Muslim Brotherhood symbol and Obama

Muslim Brotherhood symbol and Obama

Dr. Rashad Bayumi, the Brotherhood’s number two leader, said on Sunday, “No Muslim Brotherhood members will engage in any contact or normalization with Israel.”

President Obama has asked the Muslim Brotherhood’s leading jurist, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, to mediate secret talks between the United States and the Taliban, according to The Hindu newspaper. The jurist previously has called for killing U.S. soldiers in Iraq and has vowed that Islam “will conquer Europe [and] will conquer America,” whether by force or by the spread of radical Islam.

In early 2010, when American foreign policy experts could not imagine that the radical Muslim Brotherhood would emerge as the most powerful political force in Egypt, President Obama dismissed the party as a “faction,” adding that “they don’t have majority support in Egypt. But they’re well organized. There are strains of their ideology that are anti-U.S.”

Less than a year afterwards, the Brotherhood has emerged as the winner of the first three rounds of legislative elections in the post-Mubarak period. Its closest contender represents the even more radical Salafist Muslim sect.

Last summer, the official Obama administration policy changed from shunning the Muslim Brotherhood to “engaging” it. Last month, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Senator John Kerry met in Cairo with top members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel’s National Security Council, headed by Maj.-Gen. Yaakov Amidror, recently discussed “The Challenge of the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Offshoots” and concluded that the US president is naïve, according to the Hebrew daily Yisrael HaYom.

The National Security Council expressed the hope that the Obama administration will use economic leverage to keep the Muslim Brotherhood from spreading its ideology to other Muslim Arab countries.

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The party was outlawed under the Mubarak regime, and its deep roots and ideology of terrorism resulted in its creation of the Hamas terrorist organization, which now rules Gaza and is working its way back into the Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas, who leads the rival Fatah party.

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  2. Just look what the Obama led forces did to innocent and once known for its highest Life Quality nation in the world; LIBYA, no totally destroyed. This, when Obama, illegally, initiated his “Humanitarian War”, in order to PROTECT LIBYA´S CITIZEN from Muammar Gaddafi. What protection has been achieved?? Only a brainwashed idiot could see something positive in the total physical and moral destruction of Libya, where women enjoy3ed equal right with men and there existed no poverty. This War, reportedly cost more than 100.000 lives of Libyan citizen, and the almost total destruction of water infrastructure and the only two water piping facilities in the country, together with the electrical, road and communications infrastructure. Now, the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE (????) winner, is waging a series of wars in Africa and the Far East nations, including SYRIA (WHY?) Isn´t the destruction of Libya proof enough of the horrific “achievement of Obama´s HUMANITARIAN War? If it weren´t for China and Russia, Syria would also have been placed under the AlQuaeda and Islamist Brotherhood Dictatorships. WHAT BENEFIT IS THIS VERSION FOR THE CITIZEN AND THE US?

  3. One thing Obama is not is “Naïve” about Islam. Obama is a Muslim Supremacist who has usurped the Presidency during time of war. Another thing that Obama is NOT is the bona-fide POTUS. Obama IS,however, a traitor,fraud,spy and criminal RICO degenerate miscreant.

  4. The following excerpt from today´s CBCNEWS report on the FORT HOOD terrorist shooting spree, clearly illustrates Obama´s Islam protective policy of a true Muslim:

    “Death penalty cases rare in military courts
    Thirteen officers from around the country who hold Hasan’s rank or higher will serve on the jury for a trial that will likely last one month and probably longer. They must be unanimous to convict Hasan of murder and sentence him to death. Three-quarters of the panel must vote for an attempted murder conviction.”

    Nowhere in the highly biased article, same as in the “mainstream media” there exists a mention of “terrorism”, the “Athorities” and the Judiciary insisting on the murderign Islamist having to be processed as a “murderer”. Aguy who has collected around 300.000 Dollars, while his victims families have been totally neglected. Nor anyone mentions the brave, young privete, heroic policewoman, who avoided the terrorist from shooting more of the defenseless American soldiers, by shooting him, and being shot twice in return.
    Nor the fact that, later on, she was fired, allegedly, because she used an “off grounds” gun; in accordnce with Obamjaçs sense of justice. This, instead of a nationwide acknowlegement of her heroic act.

  5. The fact of Obama being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is no secret. This is something that the maintream media has not been denying. He even has the guys working with him in the Tarnished White House. Anyone still doubting this fact?

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