Eric Cantor Speaks on American Opportunity

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Fiscal cliffs, debt, and unbalanced budgets have made raising a family in America more difficult, but pursing opportunity-oriented policies centered on creating prosperity can turn uncertainty and struggle into hope again.

That was the message House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) delivered in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, outlining his vision for the 113th Congress’ policies on education, immigration, health care, and innovation.

“Over the next two years, the House Majority will pursue an agenda based on a shared vision of creating the conditions for health, happiness, and prosperity for more Americans and their families. And to restrain Washington from interfering in those pursuits,” he said.

Cantor zeroed in on Americans’ need for expanded opportunities.

“The best way to restore their hope for the future and to heal our country is by making opportunity a reality,” said Cantor. “This comes with a growing economy, business expansion, and start-ups creating jobs.”

The Heritage Foundation’s new report, America’s Opportunity for All, lays out steps to do just that, such as reforming taxes to spur economic growth and saving future generations by fixing the national debt and reforming entitlements.

These policies are in marked contrast to the missed budget deadlines and wage-crushing cronyism of the status quo.

Cantor also emphasized a need for education reform, highlighting programs like the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship that allow funding to follow children, rather than school buildings—empowering parents instead of government bureaucrats.

“One of our priorities this year will be to move heaven and earth to fix our education system for the most vulnerable,” said Cantor.

As Heritage experts have noted, a first step involves reducing the role of Washington control in education and giving back control to parents over their share of education funding, thus allowing them to select the right school for their children.

You can read the prepared text of Cantor’s speech here.

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