Stop Miami Election Fraud: Investigate Rampant Absentee Ballot Fraud in Miami-Dade County


It has been more than a year since Congressman Joe Garcia’s political operatives – led by his Chief-of-Staff, Jeff Garcia – committed absentee ballot fraud in an attempt to hijack last August’s statewide primary election. It has also been months since the congressman’s admission – in his own words – of the “well-intentioned effort to maximize voter turnout.”

Mayor Ed MacDougall

Join us and sign our petition, calling on Governor Scott to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the rampant absentee ballot fraud that plagues Miami-Dade County.

Please read Mayor Ed MacDougall’s letter to Governor Scott and visit his campaign website to learn more about him!

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Stop Miami Election Fraud: Investigate Rampant Absentee Ballot Fraud in Miami-Dade County, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Please share this ConservativePapers post via all social networking avenues. Tell Florida to clean up its mess. Florida is a critical state in national elections, therefore all of you from the other 49 should be speaking up as well. Enough is enough!

    Thank you Ed MacDougall for this letter and this initiative.

    Kathy Fernandez Rundle — no more! Too many have been saved by stall tactics. Why are you not advocating for the voters.

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  2. Special Prosecutor isn’t enough. State law enforcement and forensic poll watchers should be at the polls most likely to cause problems to determine if polls are forged or if voters are double or triple-dipping.

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    • Thanks for your reply and I hope you will FB and tweet this article with hashtag #SMEF and #Miami. Forensic watchers may help with some problems. There has also been some controversy about the optical scanners that we use here. If you tweet, please remember to follow @ConservativeMag @MacDougal2014 @JaneMiami. Thanks for following this.

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