Palestinian Authority Pays Terrorists in Prison More than its Own Employees

November 12, 2013 16:44

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Investigative journalist Edwin Black lays bare the inner workings of PA stipends to terrorists imprisoned in Israel. Bottom line: Western aid money is subsidizing terror. Israelis have known about these payments for years, but Black reveals new details.

Under a sliding scale, carefully articulated in the law of the prisoner, the more serious the act of terrorism, the longer the prison sentence, and consequently, the higher the salary. Incarceration for up to three years fetches a salary of almost $400 per month. Prisoners behind bars for between three and five years will be paid about $560 monthly – a compensation level already higher than that for many ordinary West Bank jobs. Sentences of ten to 15 years fetch salaries of about $1,690 per month. Still worse acts of terrorism against civilians, punished with sentences between 15 and 20 years, earn almost $2,000 per month.

These are the best salaries in the Palestinian territories. The Arabic word ratib, meaning “salary”, is the official term for this compensation. The law ensures the greatest financial reward for the most egregious acts of terrorism . . .

About 6% of the Palestinian budget is diverted to prisoner salariesAll this money comes from so-called “donor countries” such as the United States, Great Britain, Norway, and Denmark.

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