Non-Enforcement of Immigration Law Part of Scheme to Transform US?

By John W. Lillpop

Responsible citizens of this great nation, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or political persuasion, have an urgent responsibility to view Barack Obama’s refusal to enforce US borders and immigration laws with the utmost skepticism, angst, and trepidation.   

At stake is the very sovereignty of the United States and the individual liberties & freedoms which accrue to citizens.

The question that must be answered, objectively, but passionately, is:

Is Barack Obama scheming to “fundamentally transform America” through brazen acceptance and promotion of illegal immigration?

A University of California professor answers the question in the affirmative as reported:

University of California Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto warns that the influx of illegal immigrants into the United States is part of a plan to create a new underclass of people who can be re-educated in order to create a subservient underclass.

Hamamoto, a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis, exclusively contacted Infowars to express his shock at what he sees as a clear “plan to destroy national sovereignty” through mass uncontrolled illegal immigration.

Hamamoto warns that the influx of illegal immigrants into the U.S. and by extension into the college education system is part of a deliberate plot, “to exclude the American middle class from a UC education and create a new demographic of largely immigrant or foreign national undergraduate population that can be re-educated from the ground up and controlled much more readily.”

Hamamoto’s warning is noteworthy given his position at one of the most liberal institutions in the United States. The professor acknowledged that his vocal stance against illegal immigration has already prompted a backlash, but that he had no reservations in going public.

“I am fairly certain that this is also going on at UT and other “public” institutions of higher learning, so Infowars subscribers will “get it,” wrote Hamamoto. “Everyone else will be really pissed off at me….I am already being harassed by the administration and informed on by trained student-rats, so truly this is not a risk for me.”

The professor added that UC Davis, “is gearing up for what they call the “Hispanization” of the University of California, which means in-state or full-ride tuition to both illegals and the offspring of illegal immigrants.”

Seeking to draw more attention to the issue, Hamamoto is preparing to launch a stunt based around, “a campaign calling for racial “equality” by demanding that thirty million Asians of different nationalities (be) brought into the USA and integrated into the National Security Welfare State.”

Making reference to this week’s controversy surrounding the DHS’ purchase of 42,000 pairs of extra large underwear that are needed to clothe an influx of overweight illegal immigrants, Hamamoto writes, “One of my purposely ludicrous arguments will be that the US govt. will save hundreds of thousands of dollars buying XS-size underwear for Asians as opposed to XXXXXXL-size drawers for illegal immigrants from Central America.”

            “La Raza, MeCha, and all the other ethno-nationalist interest groups                will really get their pantalones in a bunch thanks to this campaign.                This plan to destroy national sovereignty cannot be argued through              rational means, so I will orchestrate a complete parody of this                          bogus crisis,” writes Hamamoto.”

Professor Hamamoto’s words must be heeded as precious pearls of wisdom!

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