Homosexual Weddings…At a Mosque?

With the Supreme court legalizing homosexual marriage, one question is do we now expect to see them performed at a Muslim mosque? What about the fear of reprisals from the more ‘reactionary’ members of Islam, you know that religion of peace?

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If Religious buildings will be forced to allow homosexual couples to marry, does that same rule apply to mosques? Would a homosexual couple dare to even challenge a local Muslim mosque knowing darn well what could happen.  You know an act of assault that has nothing to do with Islam (sarcasm).

A homosexual couple request a local Mosque or Christian Church be available and if that were refused due to the Supreme court ruling wold homosexuals have legal recourse to sue them?

Perhaps this is just another attack on Christian values because Muslim Gay men and women would be under the fatwa (assassination)  if they brought about action against a Mosque for refusing them this legal right while Christian Churches and by definition Christians live within the law of the land.

The First Amendment should prevent the government from forcing and religious organisations to service homosexual marriage, but who know with the leftist attacking everyone with their fascist ideology.

In theory, the government could direct the behavior of churches by mandating that they perform gay unions or punishing those who don’t by denying them benefits—in particular, tax-exempt status

We are not Denmark! We have a deep-rooted, constitutional division between church and state and an equally deep-rooted constitutional protection of freedom of religion, which make us different from any other country

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