Whither the “Love” in Illegal Alien Francisco Sanchez, Governor Bush?


By John W. Lillpop

Back in April of 2015, Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush created a bit of a furor when he argued that some illegal aliens steal into America unlawfully “out of an act of love,” and, as such, should receive preferential treatment and tolerance.

Bush’s argument was generally met with outright disdain, or amusement, or both. The idea that borders and immigration laws and enforcement should be based on anything other than compliance with the law was correctly seen as a sign that Jeb Bush is not ready for prime time in front of a national audience.

His dreadful response(s) and stuttering and stammering when asked about his brother’s decision to invade Iraq added to the growing doubt about Jeb’s ability to handle significant responsibilities, especially when one considers that Barack Obama is likely to bequeath a hornet’s nest of domestic and foreign quagmires to his successor.

In other words, sound judgment, intelligence, and good leadership skills will be vital— immediately after the inauguration on the afternoon of January 20, 2017—there will be no time for a learning curve.

Can the nation afford to risk the consequences of transferring the US presidency from an incompetent, hostile, enemy of traditional American values to an incompetent dolt who supports the invasion of America by ten of millions of impoverished, non-English speaking, unskilled invaders—provided the invaders act out of love, and are Hispanic?

Bull feathers!

Jeb Bush made more headlines recently by attacking Donald Trump for Trump’s remarks about the fact that Mexico often sends it’s less desirable people to America, including criminals. Bush took umbrage with Trump’s characterization of some Mexican invaders as “criminals,” even going so far as to say that he (Bush) took the remarks “personally,” a sign that Bush is still diddling with the idiotic notion that he himself is Hispanic!

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Bottom line: Where in the hell was Hispanic “Love” in the person of Francisco Sanchez, the seven-times convicted felon, and five times deported Mexican illegal alien, who shot and killed an innocent American tourist in San Francisco recently, Mr. Bush?

Your stupid characterization of illegal aliens as acting “out of love” is more outrageous and damaging than Trump’s characterization of Mexicans as criminals!

At least Trump has current evidence to support his assertions!

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