Shocking Experiment Shows That Most Swedes Don’t Care And Will Not Help A Woman Getting Raped

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If “charity starts at home,” then Sweden is a very uncharitable place.

The Muslim invasion of Europe is not a solitary action- it is the culmination of a long period of social, cultural, and above all moral decline. In spite of the “great” welfare system, the average Swede does not care about his neighbor and will not help him, even if his life is in mortal danger.

Sweden is known as the “rape capitol” of Europe. Two young Swedes proved this recently with a “public rape” experiment in which they faked a public, unmistakable rape in a car in different public places to see how people would react. In only one instance did anybody actually intervene to stop the rape.

From Speisa:

As this absolutely shocking video shows, indifference and fear seem to have grabbed a firm hold on the average Swedes.

Despite a poor girl screaming loudly in terror from the backseat of a car – apparently being beaten and raped – people just walk past, minding their own business.

As much as 85% of the passersby showed no interest in helping the victim of an apparent ongoing rape, while only 15% interfered in some way.

At one point the “rapist” was physically stopped, while most others asked what was going on, then let him start the car to drive off – with the “rape victim” still in the car.

The Swedes need to grow a backbone – and it’s urgent.

“The biggest sin of the humankind is indifference. So act as you want others to act when you find yourself in trouble.”


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