Merkel declared war on own people’: Vows to stick to open door MIgrant policy

Angela Merkel has declared that Germany will be accepting in more Islamic refugees. Even after the recent attacks in Germany, she still wants to bring in more Muslim terrorists.

Notice that Merkal and the west is not looking for any solutions to stop the war they helped back in the Middle East and Syria, the only solution Merkel and Obama talk about it taking in millions of high risk invaders to the west.

Germany’s online community has been in a furor since Chancellor Merkel said she will still stick to an open door policy for refuges, maintaining Germany is still “safe,” despite the recent deadly attacks there, most of which were committed by migrants.

Merkel acknowledged at a news briefing on Thursday that Islamists could use the refugee flow to infiltrate Germany. She also admitted that even a “powerful country” like Germany “cannot take so many refugees in the long term.”

Yet, at the same time, she made it clear there will be no U-turn in the state’s policies with regard to migrants. Dealing with the flood of refugees is a “historic task” Merkel said, while reiterated that Germany “will make it.” She also stressed that “lot’s has already been done,” echoing arguments she had made in previous speeches.

Germans hit back at Merkel’s “we can make it” line by posting statements such as “unfortunately we cannot ask the victims of the recent attacks whether they see it exactly the same way.”

Germany has faced five deadly assaults in just over a week. Three were committed by asylum seekers, and two of those are being investigated for links to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISSI/ISIL).

One particular tweet read “who still says ‘We can make it’ after what’s happening in Germany right now, this person can’t be helped.”

The online outrage with Merkel’s position has even led Germans to call for their leader to be forced out, with some even urging “Get rid of this traitor.”

#Merkle says “We can make it.” Unfortunately we cannot ask the victims of the recent attacks whether they see it exactly the same way.

Who still says “We can make it” after what’s happening in Germany right now; this person is beyond help

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