Top 10 Reasons Hillary Is Not 50 Points Ahead in Polls!


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Recently, Hillary Clinton issued a challenge that even people who like her (I am told that such people do exist) simply cannot ignore her in this November’s presidential election.

“‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead,’ you might ask,” Clinton shouted during a disquieting manic attack on the campaign trail as reported:

To be perfectly honest, that particular question has never crossed my right-wing conspiratorial mind. Rather, I have been haunted by wondering how in the hell it is that Hillary Clinton is not in federal prison, or in a holding cell for the criminally insane!

Putting aside that more pertinent question for the moment, I voluntarily took on the task of answering Clinton’s rhetorical question. In doing so, I categorized Mrs. Clinton’s voluminous and sordid history of “Deplorable” behavior into the following categories:

  • Treason and Capital Offenses against United States of America
  • High crimes and misdemeanours (Impeachable Offenses)
  • Corruption and misappropriation of Influence and Resources for personal gain While Holding High Political Office
  • Lesser Felony Crimes
  • Deceit, Deliberate Lying & Perjury
  • Miscellaneous Character Flaws

Through meticulous culling and re-culling of hundreds of pieces of incriminating facts, I was finally able to identify the Top 10 reasons why Hillary Rodham Clinton is not 50 points (or more!) ahead of Donald Trump in the election polls.

To wit, Hillary Clinton is not the overwhelming choice of the American people to succeed Barack Obama in his diabolical plot to destroy America for the following 10 major, but hardly exclusive, reasons:

  1. Deaths of four US Diplomats in Libya, Benghazi;
  2. Cover up of Benghazi fiasco and killings to facilitate re-election of Barack Obama;
  3. Willful violation of national security regulations & misuse of E-mail & Information Technology;
  4. Incompetence & lack of integrity directly related to foreign policy failures (Arab Spring, etc.);
  5. Perjury & Obstruction of Justice in Dealing with Congress and Government Investigators;
  6. Wife of a spouse who infamously took sexual advantage of vulnerable female subordinates;
  7. Obfuscation of facts concerning her serious health issues and qualifications to serve;
  8. Corruption of Clinton Foundation, including providing special access and favors to Foundation donors;
  9. Guilt by association—she is still betrothed to William Jefferson Clinton!;
  10. Irrefutable reputation as a “Congenital Liar”
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Without question, this list is but a fraction of the logical, sound reasons why Hillary Clinton should not be allowed on the White House Grounds, much less in the Oval Office!

God willing, these facts will help Americans in search of the truth avoid the trap of voting for the dishonorable, deplorable, disgusting Hillary Clinton!

We must do this to survive as a great nation!

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