Obama Refuses to Condemn Anti-Trump Riots, Violence Against Trump Supporters

Outgoing President Obama refused to condemn the disruptive demonstrations erupting across the country against President-Elect Donald Trump and the violent attacks on his supporters.Immigrants protest against racism

I would not advise people who feel strongly or are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised over the course of the campaign, I would not advise them to be silent,” he said Thursday.

“I’ve been the subject of protests during the course of my eight years. And I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests,” he added.

Rioters across the country smashed windows, vandalized cars, set fires, torched American flags, attacked police officers, shut down major freeways, looted businesses, and more after Trump’s decisive electoral victory.

Anti-Trump rioters have also violently attacked Americans—some in what appear to be racially-motived assaults—who voted for the Republican presidential nominee.

“Anti-bullying activist” Shacara McLaurin allegedly knocked a 74-year-old man to the ground after screaming “Black Lives Matter” during an anti-Trump demonstration held at Trump Tower in New York City.

A 21-year-old Trump supporter claims anti-Trump thugs smashed his eye socket and nose outside a Massachusetts bar. The assailants allegedly called him “racist.”

Leftists attacked a homeless black woman, Denise Scott, as she stood vigil over Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star and held signs supporting Trump, including one that read, “20 Million Illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tents. Vote Trump.”

Suspected drug traffickers in Connecticut allegedly beat a man wearing a Donald Trump pin.

A white high school girl was jumped and beaten by a student assailant at her San Francisco high school, allegedly after she said she was told, “You support Trump. You hate Mexicans.”

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A mob targeted, beat, robbed, and nearly murdered Chicagoan David Wilcox after striking his car, calling him a “white boy Trump supporter,” he said.

The son of legal immigrants and Hispanic Trump supporter Feras Jabro also became the target of a “Black Lives Matter” mob attack in California, allegedly for wearing a Trump hat.

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  1. Obama is setting the stage for an Indian style low intensity, chronic US Civil War by inaction on anti-Trump Riots.:

    • Obama has “conveniently”set the rioting up to set himself up to declare martial law. He wasn’t thinking about leaving that office when he usurped it and went it with the aid and abettment of Congress and Supreme Court.

      If not, why did the Senate question John McCain on his constitutional eligibility knowing his parents were citizens of the USA but refused to question Barack Obama knowing his father was a British subject?

      Why did, and has, the [inferior] Supreme Court refuse/d to accept a case on the issue… which has been many?

      • The US-NATO-Sunni Axis* put Petro Dollars into Obama’s sails to create the perfect Trojan Horse.

        *Forged by Nixon, Kissinger and Yamani which has directed global wars, terrors, economies and public opinion ever since.

  2. Ou Contrare! Obama would like to have a lot more violence so he could make the people believe he was justified to declare a National Emergency and Martial Law. He got used to HIS WORD being LAW even when it was totally in-Constitutional and really ILLEGAL, but he was able to get it enforced anyhow. He is DRUNK on that POWER and doesn’t want to give it up.

  3. Hopefully, the nightmare of the Obaminable Clintonians calling “Rent a Mob”, or “Riots ‘R’ Us” is over for now.

    Absolutely delighted with Trump’s inaugural address. I campaigned for Trump ever since Ted Cruz won the debate with him with the egregious lie that Moslems are peaceful in India.

    Trump is a breath of fresh air and a hope that the Global war crimes, terror, economic strangulation, and propaganda that has been directed by the US-NATO-Sunni Axis forged by Nixon, Yamani and Kissinger ever since, from the Oval Office, and which has corrupted US and NATO “intelligence” and media, will no be a thing of the past.

    However, Trump must note that there is no such thing as “Radical” Islam. There is only Islam and there are active and passive Moslems..

    • Hopefully Trump recognizes the dangers of Islam, but I believe that Ted Cruz recognizes those dangers more than Trump. I think that Cruz refrains from fully stating that because he is trying to avoid the backlash from the media and the left. Perhaps he believes that recognizing radical Islam is a first step. Ted Cruz also completely understands the danger of the Palestinians and Muslims to Israel much more than Trump. Trump still believes that he can broker peace with the Palestinians living next to Israel. That cannot happen unless the Palestinians are completely defeated.

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