Swedish People Fleeing to Hungary: “There is no Public Safety. We Live in Fear.”

A Swedish countess whose mother is Hungarian has decided to relocate to Hungary because the flood of migrants was made life unsafe in Sweden, particularly for women. After she explained her decision in a TV interview, Countess Natalie was doxxed and her life was threatened. Now she has former soldiers as bodyguards.

An article on the same topic, also translated by CrossWare, was published by the Hungarian news site 888.hu:

In Sweden the Muslims, and here the liberals, threatened the life of this woman

By Gellért Oláh

The Hungarian woman whose life was threatened, whose address was made public, and whose social media site was hacked recently moved home from Sweden because of the migrants. Countess Natalie previously gave an exclusive interview to M1 [Hungarian state television] about the attacks. She has been assigned former soldiers as bodyguards since then.

Countess Natalie has lived in Sweden for almost forty years, and moved to Hungary because of the deterioration of public safety. In an exclusive interview with M1 [television], she also described how regular attacks have become in Swedish cities, but the police ignore them.

The Hungarian-Swedish woman was threatened after the publication of the interview, her Facebook page was hacked, smear-campaign articles were released, and one of the liberal Internet portals even published her home address. After that, Natalie’s life was threatened, so she reported it to the police.

Countess Natalie is now protected by professional guards who are former soldiers, said Georg Spöttle. The security expert added: After speaking several times with a woman who returned from Sweden, they decided with a friend to provide her with personal protection. According to Georg Spöttle, because the facts listed by Natalie cannot be denied, her enemies are now trying to damage her reputation.

Georg Spöttle said: “This is a typical Leftist liberal smear campaign.” [This type of personal attack was the Communists’ favorite. They were the master of character assassination, and their intellectual descendants, the liberal-Bolsheviks, do it well, too. — Translator]

“Anyone who supports the government, anyone who is against migration, who wants a normal European life and who represents this view, they will try to smear and make life impossible for them,” he said.

It was not the first time that someone has been threatened for openly talking about the deterioration of public safety in Sweden because of migrants.

The Czech journalist Katerina Janouch wrote last year that because of the migrants, an increasing number of locals in Sweden are learning to shoot. In the Nordic state, the writer’s words were then called Russian propaganda by the Swedish Prime Minister, and criticized on Facebook. Among other things, he was quoted as saying that with her lies she pushed the cause of the xenophobic Czech President, Milos Zeman.


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  1. She has Great Courage and doing the right thing before she becomes an Islamic Sex Slave. Like the rest of Swedish women. All Swedish women should follow her example.

    Here is a small gift of the sacred words of a Jewish Warrior

    Blessed Is The Match

    Blessed is the match consumed
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    Blessed is the flame that burns
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    Blessed is the heart with the strength to stop
    its beating for honor’s sake.
    Blessed is the match consumed
    in kindling flame.

    Hannah Senesh
    Sardice, Yugoslavia May 2, 1944

  2. Punjab, Sindh, Bengal, Kashmir, and now, SWEDEN, before Kerala, Tamilnaadu, Karnataka, Andhra, Uttar Pradesh etc.

    • SuchindranathAiyerS we don’t learn from history, India has been divided up due to Islam areas like Kashmir under constant issues but yet the leftist refuse to connect the dots so clearly there.

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