Migrant Terrorist arrested for planning to poison Italian public water supply

A Muslim Palestinian migrant to Europe was arrested on Wednesday morning for planning to poison a public water supply for his false Islamic god.

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The refugee, who now has an Italian residency permit, was captured in the city of Macomer.

A Palestinian national, the 38-year-old terror suspect was arrested by the Italian police in the Sardinian town under suspicion of planning to poison the island’s public drinking water supply.

He had been under surveillance for a lengthy period of time until the police moved in to arrest him on Wednesday.

The town, with a population of 10,000, was on lock down by the security services and they swiftly arrested the Muslim migrant as he left his home.

A judge granted security forces permission to immediately undertake the urgent operation due to the severity of the risk.

Police say the suspect is linked to Islamic State, planned to put ricin or anthrax in Sardinian town’s water His cousin was arrested in September on suspicion of plotting to poison the Lebanese army.

The terror  suspect was identified by the Il Fatto Quotidiano daily newspaper as Alaji Aminun, a Palestinian refugee.

De Raho told reporters at a press conference in Rome Wednesday that the 38-year-old suspect planned the chemical attack with his cousin, who resides in Lebanon. He said Italian authorities were tipped off to the plot by Interpol, who learned of it from Lebanese authorities in September when Aminun’s cousin, 27, was arrested.

It was not clear when Aminun planned to carry out the attack, but De Raho said police believed he wanted the poisoning to coincide with an Italian holiday.


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