Telegraph Corrects Erez Crossing Error

The Daily Telegraph reported on the transfer of dozens of animals from a decrepit zoo in Gaza to Jordan thanks to an international NGO.

Other media outlets made sure to include Israel’s role in facilitating this major cross-border operation. The BBC, for example, wrote: “Israel’s Land Crossing Authority chief said in a statement the country had “used every means at our disposal to help transfer the animals as quickly as possible”.”

The Telegraph, however, stated this:

In fact, the Erez Crossing goes from Gaza into Israel and not Egypt. The Egyptians were not even involved in the animal rescue.

By making this geographical error, the Telegraph had effectively erased Israel’s involvement in the story entirely.

While more detail concerning Israel’s role would have been welcome, nonetheless, following communication from HonestReporting, the Telegraph corrected its geographical error. The text now says:

The 43 residents of Rafah Zoo were sent via Israel to a sanctuary in Jordan, where they will experience something that eludes so many on the strip: peace, plenty and space to roam.

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Source material can be found at this site.

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