Rashida Tlaib’s bulletproof hypocrisy and hate

By Lauri B. Regan

Never missing an opportunity to politicize a tragedy, Rashida Tlaib has joined all of the Democratic presidential candidates in spinning the mass shootings of this past weekend.  And while many of the candidates were vile in their accusations (Beto O’Rourke’s lovely expletive-filled rant blaming Trump ending with “What the f—?,” for instance), Tlaib is particularly hateful and dishonest due to her obsession with (and dual loyalty to) “her people.”

To be clear, Palestinians have been committing mass murder with guns, cars, knives, and bombs since Israel’s founding.  While I abhor Jake Tapper’s underhanded comparison of Donald Trump’s rhetoric to the very real and clear incitement to violence of Palestinian leadership from Yasser Arafat to Mahmoud Abbas, he did infuriate Tlaib, so there’s that.

In typical disingenuous fashion, the Palestinian congresswoman responded to Tapper attempting to distinguish the terrorists she supports from white supremacists by claiming that Palestinian jihadists are actually “human rights advocates.”  Yeah, right — in her sick mind, it’s okay to kill innocent Jews when your goals are “equality, human dignity & to stop the imprisonment of children.”  Because that’s worked out so well for Palestinians over the decades.  In Tlaib’s terrorist circles, killing Jewish children is a moral human rights crusade if your goal is to stop the imprisonment of stone-throwing, gun-toting, knife-wielding child terrorists.  It is truly difficult for sane people to get their heads around this analysis from a sitting member of the United States Congress.  And yet there are Americans who actually voted this hater into office.

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But how do we know that Palestinian children who are arrested in Israel are a threat to Jews who live in that country?  Here is where the real irony and Tlaib’s abhorrent hypocrisy come in.  Tlaib once again took to Twitter Tuesday to comment on bulletproof backpacks being sold in Walmart: “This gave me chills.  I can’t believe this is what we have become.”

Really?  In the 1950s, Americans were building bomb shelters while children experienced drills by hiding under their school desks.  After the Cold War, Americans lived through a relatively peaceful time — until Muslim terrorists acting in the name of Islam killed almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11.  Since that horrific tragedy, when, according to Tlaib’s BFF Ilhan Omar, “some people did something,” Americans of all ages have been inconvenienced with long TSA lines at which they sometimes are subject to full body searches.  They can no longer attend concerts, sporting events, or similar large gatherings without going through metal detectors. They now live their lives with the mantra “if you see something, say something” constantly running through their minds.  Americans adapting to threats of violence are far from new, but let us not overlook how life changed in our country most dramatically — and forever — after Muslim terrorism expressed itself on our soil.

More importantly, AT’s Ed Lasky pointed out, “Tlaib tweeted she thinks it is tragic and horrible that a bulletproof backpack exists.  That it is an indictment of America … she neglected to mention the Israelis were the first ones to create these because of Palestinian terrorism.”  I will add again that Palestinian terrorism aimed at destroying the only Jewish country in the world has been nonstop since Israel’s founding.  Because of that sad reality, Americans have the Israelis to thank for many of our current counterterrorism techniques and skills, which have prevented hundreds of further attacks on our soil.

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But Tlaib also neglected to acknowledge that Palestinians use children’s backpacks to hide weapons designed to kill innocent Jewish children.  From the IDF in response to Tlaib:

Today we found this child’s backpack used by 2 Palestinians to hide guns & ammunition. Our soldiers noticed them acting suspiciously near an Israeli community, found the weapons, and arrested them. A child’s backpack should hold books, not weapons.

Does that bring chills to you, Congresswoman?  Do videos of Palestinian children (AKA future terrorists) dressed in fake bomb vests carrying fake assault weapons while practicing killing Israelis bring chills to you?  Yes, a child’s backpack should hold books, which these backpacks are designed to carry, not the weapons for which Tlaib’s people use them.

And by the way, a sane, moral person would not get a “calming feeling” when contemplating the Holocaust while getting a chill at backpacks that save Israeli, and now perhaps American, children’s lives.  That’s just sick.


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