LOL! Pelosi Caught on Camera Practicing How To Tear SOTU Speech

This is truly incredible.  Speaker Pelosi prepared the papers to be torn while Trump was giving the State of the Union address.  She actually needed to practice in order to make sure she got it right!  Here is the proof:

She created tiny tears in the papers to make it easier to do.  She probably did not want to be embarrassed trying to tear the speech and failing to succeed if the papers were too thick.  Very funny that she had been planning this and did not just do it at the end of the address.

The White House commented on this act on Twitter and how this would be Pelosi’s legacy.

Pelosi did this to satisfy her far left base and from reports, they were very happy about this and gave her a standing ovation in a closed-door caucus meeting on Wednesday, according to sources in the room.  She also admitted that she did plan to tear the speech and prepared the papers for that:

“About a quarter through it I thought, ‘You know – he’s selling a bill of goods like a snake oil salesman. We cannot let this stand,’” she said. “So, somewhere along the way realizing what was coming, I started to stack my papers in a way that were tear-able.”

Republicans have called for a resolution condemning Pelosi for this disgraceful act.

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