There’s a “Rot in the Biden Economy” Says Trump Confidante Dr. Peter Navarro

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Joe Biden’s economic plan is to close the schools and open the border says Trump team member Dr. Peter Navarro who was on the War Room with Steve Bannon.

Navarro shared:

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Dr. Peter Navarro said to expect a stock market crash and inflation in 2021.

Navarro discussed the “rot in the Biden economy” on War Room, Monday evening. The combination of open borders with the effects of lockdowns on the economy will destroy the remnants of the Trump economy.

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“We’ve got severe structural unemployment, meaning that there have been so many people laid off in the pandemic in industries that ain’t coming back,” he said. In addition, Navarro said he agrees with Steve Cortes on the bond market, and says inflation is coming.

“The bond market is in revolt now,” Navarro said. “They see all this money washing around, and basically if I think there’s going to be inflation in a year, I’m not buying bonds I’m waiting. And what does that do? It depresses demand for bonds and drives up the yield. That’s where we’re at.”

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Navarro said decoupling with China is the solution.

The Democrats have no plan to address the unemployed in the US economy.  Instead, they want to open the borders and let unskilled workers into the country.

Navarro believes there could be inflation along with a weakened stock market in 2021.

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