Windham, NH Needs Canvassers to Help with Election Audit Petition! – 70% of People Are Agreeing to Sign the Request for Legitimate Auditors

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The Windham, NH canvassers are looking for more volunteers to help them canvas the community for legitimate election auditors.

The group is canvassing today in Windham from 9 AM until 7:30 PM.

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According to NH Integrity Group founder Marylyn Todd, 70% of people are signing the petition requesting valid auditors for the 2020 elections audit.

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As we reported earlier:

On Monday night at a raucous meeting, the city and state picked their own auditors for the Windham forensic audit.

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And all three of the members chosen were linked to the shady Verified Voting firm!

Now the people are fighting back!

A petition and fundraiser was formed at GiveSendGo for the Windham residents to hire computer expert Jovan Pulitzer to run an audit for the people.

** You can give to the fundraiser here:

From the GiveSendGo account:

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*We need to hire 2 auditors and legal representation. Your generous donations will not go to waste. We will make sure we continue this battle for FREE and FAIR elections for ALL!

If you love this state, country and your God given right to Liberty, please donate and share!


Our group has done extensive research and would like to hire Jovan Pulitzer as our trusted forensic analyst. Our recourse is to hire him ourselves to conduct The Peoples’ Audit!

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The ‘WINDHAM INCIDENT’ is the largest unexplained voting discrepancy in NH state history and WE NEED ANSWERS!

The State Rep race had four open seats.

On Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020:

All four Republicans won

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Winning Margin: 24 Votes (.005%)

Hand Recount Results on Nov. 12, 2020:

All four Republicans GAINED +300 Votes

Leading Democrat LOST (-99) Votes

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With the help of many, including Senator Guida, we were able to pass a bill allowing for a forensic audit. The agreement is, Windham NH will select a forensic analyst, the NH Secretary of State and Attorney General will select a forensic analyst, and those two analysts will choose a third.

Right now, both the town of Windham and the NH SOS and AG have chosen a company that presents serious conflicts of interest. The choice for Windham is Mark Lindeman of Verified Voting, who is NOT a forensic Analyst. The people have spoken and have not been heard.

** NH Voter Integrity Group has updates.

** You can give to the fundraiser here:

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** And please sign the petition to support the audit.

Source material can be found at this site.

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