Is Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Covering Up for Soros Connected Sheriff’s Emails As Much As for 2020 Election Activity?

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Yesterday we reported that Maricopa County officials are refusing to provide router data to the auditors of the 2020 Election.  They claimed the routers posed a threat to the Sheriff’s office.  What is it from the Sheriff’s office that they don’t want the auditors to see?  

Yesterday we reported that the Maricopa County Attorney sent a letter to the 2020 Election auditors.  The attorney claimed they could not provide router data to the 2020 Election auditors because it also included data from the Sheriff’s office:

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After some thought, we now wonder if the reason the County didn’t want to share router data to the audits may be as much related to the Sheriff as is their concerns with providing 2020 Election router data.

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We say this because the Sheriff in Maricopa County is backed by George Soros.  Law Enforcement Today shared a couple of years ago:

George Soros contributed at least $2 million to the campaign of Paul Penzone when he challenged Sheriff Joe Arpaio two years ago.

Maricopa County and the Phoenix metroplex are large areas… but this was still an election for a county sheriff. You have to wonder why the notorious billionaire would invest so much in Penzone’s campaign. But to answer that question, you only need look as far as Penzone’s Chief of Staff and Special Counsel, Stephanie Fleischman Cherny.

Former and current members of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department have strongly indicated the reasons for this outside intervention, and laid out a trail of bread crumbs that led to Penzone becoming sheriff, changing nearly every policy in the department to align with the ACLU’s narrative and agenda and placing deputies in the dangerous and conflictual position of declaring their steadfast loyalty to Penzone or face significant repercussions – made-up internal affairs investigations, secret meetings, and direct action to prevent deputies from laterally moving to other departments or police forces.

Think about it.  What are the odds that the same county that voted for Sheriff Joe followed up by voting for a Soros connected candidate?  This just doesn’t make sense.

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The law enforcement of the nation’s fourth-largest county is now being run by George Soros.  How does that make you feel America?


Source material can be found at this site.

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