NEW: Joe Biden Will Not Travel to Delaware Tonight as Planned Amid Reports Americans Beaten by Taliban Throughout the Night

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Joe Biden is staying in DC tonight amid reports the situation in Afghanistan is rapidly deteriorating.

Biden was scheduled to fly to his Delaware basement tonight but he’s staying in Washington and will be speak today at 1 PM ET.

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The situation in Afghanistan is spiraling because of Joe Biden’s incompetence and corruption.

According to reports, Americans stuck in Afghanistan were beaten throughout the night.

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One American woman was beaten twice even though she was carrying a US passport.

The Biden Administration is relying on the Taliban for safe passage to the airport while French, German and UK special forces rescue their citizens.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby is falsely claiming Americans are able to safely get to Kabul airport.

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According to sources on the ground, Americans are being beaten and injured by Taliban terrorists and stopped from boarding planes.

Source material can be found at this site.

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