Hillary Asks for Donations to the Clinton Foundation and Gets Grilled on Twitter

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The Clintons are likely the most corrupt couple in US history.  If we had a DOJ and protection for Jeffrey Epstein, they’d be in jail.  

Can there be anyone as corrupt and oblivious to their own corruption as the Clintons?  Bill was impeached for obstructing justice and tampering with witnesses involving numerous incidents and crimes that took place in his administration.  Hillary and Bill made millions in their foundation while giving a huge percent of US uranium to Russians for a few more million.  Next Hillary created the bogus Russia collusion sham that the corrupt DOJ and FBI ran with.  Now Hillary is asking for donations?

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In a tweet, Hillary asked for donations for her corrupt foundation.

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The responses were spot on.

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Some responses were related to the Clintons’ reported embezzling of funds from Haiti meant for hurricane survivors.

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Source material can be found at this site.

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