President Trump’s Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Says Ex-Trump Officials to Meet to Decide How to Stop Him

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Former White House Press Secretary for President Trump, Stephanie Grisham, says that a group of former Trump officials are getting together to decide how to stop him.

Stephanie Grisham was on with CNN:

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Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Thursday that more than a dozen of her former Trump administration colleagues plan to meet next week to try and stop former President Donald Trump as he continues to “manipulate people and divide our country.”

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Grisham, who was also chief of staff to former first lady Melania Trump, declined to reveal who will be joining her in the efforts, but said there would be “about 15” of her former colleagues, including some who worked inside the White House. Some of the officials, she said, were junior to her, while others were senior. A few of the officials had “informal chats,” did outreach to others, and conducted “some Zooms, some conference calls,” culminating in the partially in-person formal meeting next week, according to Grisham.

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It’s no surprise that Grisham would meet with Bolton and Krebs. Bolton was a disaster and President Trump let the whole world know it after Bolton fell off the rails and pushed for policies, like more military actions, which President Trump was not behind.

Krebs oversaw cybersecurity for the election and shared before the election, along with crooked FBI Director Chris Wray that the 2020 Election would be the most secure election ever.

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Corrupt FBI Director Chris Wray and Now Fired CISA Director Chris Krebs Produced Video Before Election Declaring 2020 Election Secure

The 2020 Election was stolen and Wray did nothing but look the other way, which is something that could never happen in the private sector. 

President Trump has been under attack since he first announced he was running for office.  These people hate him for calling them out.  It’s no surprise that they would meet to complain and attempt to derail President Trump some more.

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