Lithuania and Poland Lighting the Fuse Toward World War III

In a move of staggering stupidity and hubris, Lithuanian banned the transit of Russian goods to Kaliningrad effective today, June 18, 2022.  Kaliningrad, which is wedged between Poland on the west and Lithuania on the east, is home to almost a half-million Russians and the headquarters for the Russian Navy’s Baltic Sea force.

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This is a deliberate provocation. It is laying economic siege to a vital interest of Russia. While there is no immediate danger to the Russian population of Kaliningrad, this is a flash point that could lead to an actual war as opposed to a special military operation.

Lithuania is a NATO member, if they get involved in a war with Russia, it will also involve the United  States.  Biden is looking for a war to distract from his failures at home, massive inflation, $6,00 gallon gas, collapsing Wall Street values, and a recession on the way.

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