UPDATE: Racine County Sheriff Calls on Attorney General to Suspend Election Ballot Harvesting Option on Wisconsin’s Official Election Website

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Wisconsin election integrity investigator Harry W. recently discovered the absolute ease of harvesting election ballots in the state online.

His report is nothing short of shocking!

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The state of Wisconsin allows anyone with a smartphone or computer is able to order an absentee ballot online in someone else’s name.

They can have that absentee ballot sent to an address other than the registered voter.

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And they don’t even need an ID!

All you need is the date of birth!

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Harry even was able to test his findings by attempting to order a ballot for Speaker Robin Vos.

Harry added, “I selected these two high profile public figures because they are scofflaws, have no respect for law and are among the most disingenuous and notorious fraudsters within our state. Both in their own way have contributed to the demise of the public’s lack of confidence in our elections.”

Harry then verified his findings, I obtained permission to order absentee ballots from numerous individuals from around the state and successfully ordered their absentee ballots to be shipped to my address without their assistance. These efforts verified that a very large-scale absentee ballot harvesting scheme with nefarious intentions is easily accomplished due to a lack of a secure website along with the maladministration and malfeasance of WEC officials.

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For the record — Harry has been in contact with the Racine Sheriff during his testing.

Here is Harry’s letter to local Wisconsin officials from an earlier post.

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Now this…

The Racine County Sheriff’s Office was contacted about this serious vulnerability to fraudulent voting in the state.

The Sheriff’s Office contacted the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office and the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling is calling for three things:

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1.) The immediate suspension of the function within My Vote Wisconsin where a person can request another’s absentee ballot and have it mailed to a different address, with or without showing any proper photo identification.

2.) The Sheriff’s Office is calling for the immediate suspension of the function allowing for the declaration of being indefinitely confined, which allows for ballots to be sent to different addresses for “All future elections”.

3.) The Sheriff’s Office is requesting a full, state-wide, investigation into this voter integrity issue by the Attorney General’s Office and the Wisconsin Election Commission to ensure the voting process is secure and that appropriate safeguards are in place.

Here is Sheriff Schmaling’s statement from earlier today.

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Source material can be found at this site.

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