Biden Aide Sanctioned By National Academy Of Sciences – Suspended From Programs For 5 Years

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The National Academy of Sciences has sanctioned White House Climate aide Jane Lubchenco from involvement in their programs and publications for 5 years.

The reason for the sanctions was her violating section 3 of its code of conduct.

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Lubchenco edited a paper for the National Academy of Sciences that was later retracted for the data underlying the analysis not being the latest available and one of the authors being her brother-in-law.

Axios reported:

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The National Academy of Sciences has barred Jane Lubchenco, a key White House climate aide, from involvement in NAS publications and activities for five years for violating its code of conduct before joining the administration, the organization said.

Why it matters: The move represents a significant rebuke to Lubchenco, who is deputy director for climate and environment at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

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Driving the news: The NAS, the most prestigious science body in the U.S., said the decision, effective Aug. 8, stems from section 3 of its code of conduct. It states that members “shall avoid those detrimental research practices that are clear violations of the fundamental tenets of research.”

Lubchenco accepted blame for her error and the sanctions by The National Academy of Sciences.

American Accountability Foundation founder Tom Jones called for Lubchenco to be fired.

The Washington Times reported:

American Accountability Foundation founder Tom Jones said that in addition to the sanction by NAS, Ms. Lubchenco should either resign from herWhite House position or be fired.

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“The American people deserve leaders in the White House who don’t use their positions of influence to put their thumb on the scales for friends and family,” Mr. Jones said in a statement. “Dr. Jane Lubchenco does not meet that standard and does not deserve to be an Assistant to the President.”

The Biden Administration is a joke.

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