Fauci’s wife exploited her position at NIH to backstop husband’s covid pandemic health directives

Image: Fauci’s wife exploited her position at NIH to backstop husband’s covid pandemic health directives
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Most of America is well aware of who Tony Fauci is and what he said and did throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic.” But did you also know that his wife, Christine Grady, was also involved in perpetrating crimes against humanity?

While Fauci appeared again and again before the nation to speak publicly about his various health directives, Grady, the chief bioethicist at Fauci’s employer, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was busy behind the scenes creating a moral framework for the agenda.

“The Faucis are important to the center-left, because they represent the pinnacle moment of the administrative state – top-down public policy run by an elite group of government scientists,” reported Adam Andrzejewski via Open the Books about the matter.

“Conversely, to the center-right, the Faucis represent ‘the fatal conceit of the elites.’ As Noble Laureate economist Friedrich Hayek theorized, the elites are no match for billions of free people acting in their own best interests.”

(Related: Last year, it was also revealed that Grady pushed for young children to be enrolled in her husband’s covid injection trials.)

Fauci “gained strength” to oppress America from his wife Christine

While working as chief bioethicist at the NIH, Grady out-earned the United States vice president herself, raking in $243,749 that we know of for her work. Adding in the 35 percent in benefits she also received, Grady’s existence cost taxpayers an estimated $1 million per year.

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Fauci’s own description of his wife’s work leaves many questions as to where his work ends and hers begins. Here is what Fauci had to say about his wife’s influence on his policy decisions:

“I’ve benefited greatly from this partnership of overlapping interest and common interest. So, a lot of the things that I do with regard to the development of vaccines, the development of therapies, being involved with outbreaks and pandemics, have ethical overtones to them. I can say that I am very blessed to be living with someone who is very likely, most people think, one of the most outstanding ethicists in the world. To have her in the house – you know, as a consultant on ethical issues – is pretty advantageous.”

In other words, Fauci and Grady are the epitome of a conflict of interest, both at work as well as at home around the breakfast and dinner table. And yet the NIH has never once acknowledged that the two work in tandem in this way.

To bring more transparency to the couple’s devious activities, Andrzejewski’s organization filed two federal lawsuits with the public interest law firm Judicial Watch. So far, the NIH has “slow-walked” the release of many thousands of pages of documents that bear no nepotism waivers, no acknowledgements of conflicting interests, and no records documenting the many violations of federal ethics policies.

Even though Grady’s work behind the scenes throughout the scamdemic was described as “invaluable” by then-director of the NIH Francis Collins, we still to this day have no precise descriptions of what, exactly, Grady was actually doing day to day.

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We do know that many of Fauci’s “draconian policies,” including the oppressive lockdowns and social isolation measures, came from Grady. Fauci revealed this in a November 2021 interview, stating that he gained his strength to oppress the nation from Grady.

“Her background and her experience in really core ethical principles [helped] me to really feel much more comfortable in what I was saying,” Fauci revealed candidly, adding that his many conversations with Grady around the dinner table “sharpened [his] resolve” to tyrannize America.

Will Fauci and his wife ever be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity? Find out more at Treason.news.

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