Massive Police Response to Reports of Mass Shooting at 16-Year-Old’s Birthday Party in Dadeville, Alabama

Police have not made any official statement as of this writing. However photos, reports and video show a massive police response involving multiple agencies to a reported mass shooting in the small town of Dadeville, Alabama at a reported Sweet 16 birthday party. There are unconfirmed reports of six to twelve killed and dozens wounded at the party that was being held at a downtown dance studio, Mahogany Masterpiece at their location opened last October. There is also no report as to whether the shooter (shooters?) has been caught or is dead.

The Alexander City Outlook posted to Twitter early Sunday morning, “The crime scene is on N. Broadnax Street in front of PNC Bank and Mahogany’s Masterpiece. Police from Dadeville, Tallapoosa County, Jacksons Gap, Auburn, Opelika, Lee County are all there. No confirmation of anything from officials. Dadeville Police…”

There are a few photos of the emergency response:

Local woman claims at six killed (unconfirmed), “Mass shooting in Dadeville Alabama. At least 6 dead and a lot of injured being transported to Dadeville hospital Alexander City hospital”

Local reporter Colin Scroggins posted updates, “According to information we are receiving, the crime scene is “very large”. At least 3-plus people have been shot. No other details have been confirmed at this time. This continues to be a very developing story….No updates yet. Viewers in the area tell me numerous agencies responded to this. I know Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Auburn Police, and Opelika Police units all responded to this to provide assistance. One viewer tells me a family friend was at the incident when this happened. The “family friend” was not shot, but was taken to a hospital due to needing to be checked.”

Rawsalerts posted video of a woman claiming many people killed, but again all unconfirmed. Rawsalerts comment, ”
Currently, there is a large police presence at the site of a tragic mass shooting that took place during a teenager’s birthday celebration in Dadeville, Alabama. Local residents have shared that the incident resulted in the loss of 6 to 12 lives and over a dozen + individuals have been reported injured. However, it’s important to note that these details are unconfirmed due to the limited amount of available information at this time.” (Note: The audio commentary is clearer than the accompanying video.)

There is a photo that has been posted online purporting to be of victims killed in the shooting. The photo appears to show at least six lifeless males and females close together on the floor of what appears to be a dance studio.

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Unconfirmed report from live streamer of overwhelmed hospitals, “The woman that posted this video (Shevon Tatem Hinton) from her Facebook page, has just commented in a FB News chat that Dadeville Hosp ‘couldn’t handle all the injuries, so many taken to Alexander City hosp, now packed w families.”

More unconfirmed local reports via Snapchat screengrab:

A Facebook Live report by a local reporter with Tallapoosa Publishers can be viewed at this link. Basically she says something happened but police aren’t talking. The video shows the street scene of the police response.

Source material can be found at this site.

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