Save the SOILS to save civilization – or we all starve and die

Image: Save the SOILS to save civilization – or we all starve and die
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(Natural News)
We are all living through a multi-vector collapse of the very same human civilization we once thought was robust. Now, we’re learning it’s fragile, highly leveraged and lacks redundancy. And among the multiple threats that pose high risks to the sustainability of civilization we find that soils are being decimated by modern agricultural practices (which are rooted in the mass poisoning of the soils).

It turns out that if we don’t change the way we interact with the “soil food web” and soil health, we will have no viable soils remaining and we will starve.

This is the critical message from Dr. Elaine Ingham, my first guest in today’s episode of Brighteon Broadcast News (see below). In a jaw-dropping interview, Dr. Ingham from reveals why food farms don’t need external inputs such as pesticides, herbicides and even synthetic fertilizers. Instead, they need friendly microorganisms that, by themselves, free up nutrients for plants while making those plants far more resistant to droughts, disease and pests.

That interview (and much more) is found in today’s episode of Brighteon Broadcast News. Here are the highlights:

– JP Morgan, now sucking up all the smaller banks, routinely deplatforms Christians and conservatives
– US Navy goes full “Bud Light” with new drag queen recruitment ambassador
– China and Russia must be terrified of the Pentagon’s queer troops and battery-powered tanks
– FBI and DoD run nuclear strike drills in Houston, Texas
– RSV vaccine approved for 60 years and older, how convenient to kill off the elderly
– Fed raises interest rates by 25 basis points
– Fed literally plans to collapse the US economy and bring down inflation through POVERTY
– Emergency bank collapse update as 3 banks plunge in after-hours trading
– Interview with Dr. Elaine Ingham, soil food web expert, about REGENERATIVE farming
– NY Gov. Hochul BANS gas appliances in all new buildings
– When the NY power grid fails, you have ZERO options for cooking food or boiling water
– Hochul also trying to ban ALL tobacco products while keeping weed legal
– Interview with Warrior Mom, who helped her autistic son navigate life with vaccine damage

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