Worlds Collide: JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Dreams of a White House Run, While America’s Largest Bank Defends Itself Over Association With Epstein Trafficking Ring

Jamie Dimon nowadays lives in two different worlds. On one hand, he successfully steers America’s largest bank through the current turbulent times, even leading the institution to acquire failing regional First National Bank – and fire over one thousand employees at once.

On the other hand, Dimon is also heading the effort to defend the bank and disassociate its image to late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his sex trafficking ring, as JPMorgan Chase defends itself from lawsuits by Epstein’s victims and the US Virgin Island government.

So, when the Wall Street titan floats the idea of a White House run, it’s easy to predict that these two worlds are about to collide.

New York Post reported:

“JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon is America’s top banker, but he also wants to be the country’s commander in chief, I am told by people close to him. After steering the nation’s largest bank impressively through ups and downs, making tons of money along the way, why doesn’t he just go for it?

Dimon won’t pull the trigger now and possibly ever because he knows being president requires running for president. Mike Bloomberg’s brief and unsuccessful experience in the 2020 race while getting dragged through the mud looms large in Dimon’s thinking, these people say.

[…] Another thing likely factoring into his calculus is something that is currently roiling the bank. It involves the infamous financier Jeffrey Epstein, who even from his grave continues to haunt Wall Street and, now, JPMorgan. Dimon and his presidential ambitions could be collateral damage.”

When Epstein held court like a Jay Gatsby from hell, he was not considered by the establishment as a felon or a pedophile, but rather as a ‘Wall Street whale’ — “someone who brought hundreds of millions of dollars in fees because of his own substantial wealth and because he was a private financial adviser to a coterie of billionaires like Leon Black of Apollo fame, and Les Wexner of L Brands.”

Now JPMorgan Chase is widely expected to do like Deutsch Bank, and settle with the Epstein victim plaintiff, because the details of its involvement with Epstein are so clear.

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The banker, who denies ever speaking to his team about Epstein, has long been thrown around as a possible presidential hopeful. But the timing seems wrong.

Reuters reported:

JPMorgan Chase Co CEO Jamie Dimon does not intend to run for office, the company said, after speculation in recent days about his potential political aspirations.

“As he has said in the past, Jamie has no plans to run for office,” the company said in a statement. “He is very happy in his current role.”

The comment comes after billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman said last week Dimon should run for president in the next U.S. elections.

When asked by Bloomberg News last week if he would ever consider public office, Dimon said: ‘I love my country, and maybe one day I’ll serve my country in one capacity or another’, without specifying a role.”

But, after the JPMorgan CEO shut down rumors that he is considering running for president, he went on to behave exactly as if he fully intends to.

“JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon will meet with a group of center-left Democrats on Tuesday on the banking sector and the state of the economy, according to a source familiar with the plans.

Dimon is set to meet with the New Democrat Coalition, a group of nearly 100 House Democrats who brand themselves as pro-economic growth and tout fiscal responsibility. The banking executive will gather with the group’s Economic Growth and Fiscal Responsibility Task Force.”

Source material can be found at this site.

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