Former Trump Lawyer Describes ‘Stunning’ Prosecutorial Misconduct in Jack Smith’s Classified Docs Probe (VIDEO)

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President Trump’s former lawyer Tim Parlatore believes the former president’s defense team will claim prosecutorial misconduct in Jack Smith’s ongoing classified documents probe.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has been investigating Trump after he stored presidential records at Mar-a-Lago and whether the former president tried to obstruct the probe.

Tim Parlatore told CBS’s Catherine Herridge he was “stunned” by what he saw in the grand jury room by the conduct of the prosecutors.

“I witnessed a lot of misconduct,” Tim Parlatore told CBS’s Catherine Herridge Wednesday evening, explaining he went before the grand jury himself.

“I was really stunned by what I saw in the grand jury room by the conduct of the prosecutors,” Tim Parlatore said. “They made many attempts to try to get privileged communications. They would ask me about conversations with my client. They would make improper references to the jury to try and mislead them about that.”

He continued, “At one point it got to the level where they’re asking me this again and then would turn to the grand jury and say, ‘so you would refusing to provide this information!’ No, I’m not refusing to provide it. The ethical rules prohibit me even if the answer to this question is helpful, I’m not allowed to give it and I turned to the jury and said ‘and she knows it She knows that it is an improper question!’”

Trump’s former lawyer explained that the federal prosecutor “crossed a major red line” because implying guilt to a jury based on the “invocation of a Constitutional right is the kind of thing that if it happened in a trial court, the judge would have immediately stopped everything, probably declared a mistrial…and the attorney who willfully does that type of thing would potentially face discipline.”

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On Wednesday John Solomon of Just The News reported Trump’s lawyers were told that Trump could be indicted as early as this week.

Trump later denied John Solomon’s report.

According to leaks to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, Jack Smith is pursuing possible indictments against Mar-a-Lago staffers, Trump or Trump aides in Florida!

Shocking news of a Florida grand jury was revealed this week through leaks to the media.

According to a leak to the Washington Post, if Trump is indicted, the bulk of the charges will be in South Florida.

Other process crimes such as false statements and perjury may be filed in Washington DC.

Source material can be found at this site.

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