Biden in Danger of Losing New Hampshire: Hundreds Line Up to Watch RFK Jr. Speak in Lancaster, New Hampshire

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently drew a big crowd as he spoke at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

The Porcupine Freedom Festival is an annual Libertarian festival hosted by the Free State Project.

RFK Jr. was one of the most anticipated speakers at the event which resulted in hundreds waiting in line to watch the Democratic Presidential candidate speak.


The line was so big many people were unable to attend Kennedy’s speech due to the venue reaching full capacity which resulted in some people listening to Kennedy’s speech through the radio.


In his speech, Kennedy shared his concern with the intelligence community’s influence in  DC and told the crowd of Libertarians the NSA was the lead agency in charge of the United States Covid-19 response.

This isn’t the first large crowd Kennedy has received in New Hampshire in the last week.

On Tuesday night, Kennedy spoke at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire where he delivered a speech on peace and diplomacy.

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Biden In Trouble: Huge Line of People Wait to Watch RFK Jr (Video)


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