JUST IN: Biden’s DOD Informs US Congressman They Won’t Destroy Potential Spy Balloon Flying Over Montana Airspace

In a recent development, the Biden regime’s the Department of Defense (DoD) has stated it will not interfere with a potential spy balloon reported over American airspace.

The DoD’s response has sparked a backlash from Representative Matt Rosendale (R-MT), who criticized the regime’s lax approach towards foreign surveillance activities over the United States.

Rep. Rosendale communicated his concerns after constituents in Dawson County, Montana, reported tracking a balloon cruising at 57,000 feet over Eastern Montana on Sunday evening.

The congressman contacted the DoD and was informed that, while they were aware of the balloon, they would not investigate due to its size and the low probability of it conducting surveillance activities.

If this is not a US asset, this is a significant national security concern, and the Biden regime’s dismissal of the potential risk is not justifiable.

“If the spy balloon incident in February has taught us anything, it’s that Montanans are vigilant and concerned about what’s flying over our state. They deserve to know that their government is taking their security seriously,” said Rosendale.

The reference to the ‘spy balloon in February’ points to an earlier incident where unidentified aerial equipment was reported in Montana’s airspace. Rosendale and other citizens were alarmed by what they saw as an inadequate response from the federal government.

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The Biden regime was aware of the Chinese spy balloon in US air space since the previous Saturday, January 28th.

The Biden administration initially ignored the threat hoping the balloon would not be detected. But after amateur photographers captured the balloon flying over Montana the Biden White House had to admit they knew about the balloon.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the U.S. military had to shut down communications and movements last week as the China spy balloon flew over strategic military bases during its week-long flyover of the United States from Alaska to South Carolina. The balloon was only shot down after it went offshore. Joe Biden claimed the spy balloon gathering intel over US military bases was “not a major breach.”

Then, National Security Council finally admitted that the Chinese spy balloon was able to gather intelligence from several sensitive American military bases.

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